Badger Pond Shop Tours
A Tour of Virgil Johnson's Shop
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Thomas (Skaggs), Jennifer (Shirley) and I had a conversation at the Indy ww show about our "houskeeping" practices (or lack of). I came home the next day and took these pictures of my mess. This is how the place looks in the middle of a typical project. My shop is in a 20 x 22 garage. I build mostly Shaker style furniture as a hobby.

Diagonal view of the shop

This pic is a diagonal shot looking from the wood rack which is in the next pic. The huntboard under construction here is made from mahogany and is one of the few pieces that I have built from "store bought" wood. The poplar frame and panel bottom for the huntboard is on the saw in the foreground.

Lumber rack

This is looking from the clamp rack as seen in the previous pic. The wood rack is stocked with mostly walnut and cherry ranging in thicknes from 3/4 to 16/4. Most of the wood was cut from a relative's farm in 1988. I took 31 logs to the mill that summer and it has been my main supply since.

More clutter

This is just another shot of the clutter.

I cleaned the next day after those pictures were taken.

Table saw

This is the table saw.

Clean floor

See, there's floor and bench space.

The place is only this clean once in a great while. It stayed this way for a day or so.

Originally posted 28 March 1999

wb 16 June 2001