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My hobby takes place in our 2 stall garage. Fortunately, it is extra deep.

table saw

All tools are on wheels, and when not in use can be packed away in front of the cars. The first pic pretty much sums it up.

wide view of left side

The second pic exaggerates a little. I very rarely have all my tools out at once. I don't work that fast, and rarely have more than an hour or two at a time. It is nice to disturb the spiders once and awhile though.

miter saw station

The next shot shows my miter station. I usually haul the saw out and set it on a workbench though, and aim the dust out the garage door. Which is also pretty much what I do when I'm done working. Everything the DC doesn't catch gets blown out by a leaf blower.

I've got some maple plywood cutoffs sitting in my basement (along with my stash of oak, cherry and hickory) with which I plan to make some simple cabinets to house all the assorted sundries you see on the wall. That was to be a summer project. Not sure which summer though.

router table

Last is a router table I just made. I just worked from the memory of pics I've seen. Most router tables are basically the same I guess. The monstrosity of a fence was the only way I could think of to accommodate a 4 inch dust port and be able to clamp on featherboards.

Inside is a Hitachi. Not only do I like that router (it's amazingly quiet, for a router), but it also frees up my PC693. I never used to take it out of the table (a portable one that may be visible by my planer and rigid sander. Now that I have the Hitachi, I find myself using my PC a lot more too.

Thanks for viewing. It's only a garage, but it works!!!


Originally posted 18 July 2001

wb 19 July 2001