Badger Pond Shop Tours
A Tour of Steve Jenkins' Shop
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This starts with the only presentable corner in my front room.


I have a small showroom that is about half samples and stuff. My shop is in a warehouse complex and is about 3800sq.ft including office and showroom. You will be able to tell that I am a tool junkie.


After going through the showroom you come into the shop. In the main shop area the first things you see are the Legacy. In the background to the right is an older one.You can also see the back of a Jet disc sander The red one I bought last January


Turning 180 degrees from the Legacy picture is the side of the spray booth with most of my bar clamps hanging on it. The tool box holds layout tools, chisels, and assorted small stuff. The rack to the left of the tool box has routers, sanders, and other small tools on it. On the right is the radial arm saw table and drill press out of the picture.

Oliver jointer

To the right from the Legacy is my 16" Oliver jointer.


And on to the right is my shaper.


Next is my planer, a 20" Felder with the dust collector and bandsaw in the background.

Altendorf saw

My table saw is an Altendorf sliding table.

spray booth

Facing the opposite direction from the saw is the spray booth and you can see on the left a part of the drying racks which are in the next pic.

drying racks

The drying racks that I designed to hinge on a security gate. A friend and I built the racks and gate.

The shop was cleaned up when I took these because I took them just prior to the BBQ we had here in November.

Thanks for viewing. I hope it didn't take forever to load the pics. If you are ever in the area by all means stop in and say hi. I always enjoy the company.

Have a great year, Steve

Originally posted 3 January 2002

wb 3 January 2002