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A Tour of Steve Good's Shop

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My name is Steve Good. I live in Lexington, Kentucky and would enjoy contact with other woodworkers in the area. Here is my workshop tour. I have taken over the two car garage attached to my house for my workshop. Things are a little cramped but I seem to always find room for one more tool. I consider myself an intermediate level woodworker at best. I have dedicated the last year to improving my workshop and my skills and have made some progress in both areas.


This is a photo of my workbench area. I'm getting ready to cut some dovetails for the night stand on the left. This is a low budget workbench but it has served the purpose it was built for and I don't feel bad when I put a few dings in it. This will most likely be one of the upgrade areas for the shop this year.


This is the outside wall of the garage where I keep supplies and tools. I installed the cabinets last year and they added a lot of organization to the shop.

cutoff saw

The inside wall of the garage has another workbench with the mortising machine and cutoff saw. Here you can see one of my projects in progress. It is a wooden gear clock with all gears cut on the scrollsaw.


The 12 inch Jet band saw is nice but I should have bought the next model so I could have installed the 6 inch riser block. I did not understand how much resawing I would want to do. you see my dust collector in the corner. This will be my New Years resolution to install fixed ductwork to my tools.

drill press

Craftsman drill press with homemade table. Works okay but has too much runout. The inexpensive Ryobi spindle sander on the other hand was a nice surprise. For a $100 dollars it works well.


The Jet mini lathe works very well for me. I turn a lot of pens and other small objects and I really enjoy using this tool.


Another Ryobi tool is the 13 inch planer. Seems to perform okay.

wood rack

Big problem in a two car garage workshop is lumber storage. I only keep enough on hand for a couple of projects. As you can see I need to make a trip the lumber yard.

table saw

This craftsman tablesaw has performed well. I have added an Incra mitre guage and replaced the belt with a link belt. I also added a bottom plate for dust collection. This will probably be an upgrade area soon but it is getting the job done for the most part.

Well that's my little woodworking universe in Lexington, Kentucky. It's not everything I want but I enjoy every minute I spend there so I can't complain too much. Thanks for looking around and happy woodworking.

Regards, Steve

Posted 3 January 2004

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