Badger Pond Shop Tours
A Tour of Spence DePauw's Shop
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Some general notes:

The walls are 3/4 OSB, overlaid with 1/8" masonite with white melamine for color and reflectivity.

The floor is wood sleepers over concrete to help the old knees out.

southeast corner

First, the southest corner, with furnace, sink, etc. The cabinet next to the sink is last week's project, just big box birch ply with maple drawer fronts. The large opening is for the refrigerator.

other side of workbench

Next is the other side of the workbench space. The cabinets here are refugees from the old basement shop.

north wall

Next is the north wall, with the main DC runs and a couple of small cabinets (this week's project) to hold up the OSS and small Delta router/shaper. Note chain at the top: I had the roof trusses framed to support a chain hoist (1 ton) to help with getting machines onto their bases, etc.

west wall

The west wall has more refugee cabinets holding up the miter saw. Will eventually replace with a Makita LS1013 and something like Norm's miter saw station. At the right, you can make out my copy of Norm's rolling clamp rack.

southwest corner

The southwest corner is mostly lumber storage, covered up by a sheet of ply ready to make drawers. Note that the lumber storage was shamelessly stolen from Terry Quiram's shop tour and posts.

sheet goods storage

This is a shot of the plywood storage cubby. Not particularly interesting, perhaps. The Blue Tornado 3hp DC bag farm can be seen through the doorway into the storage room.

outfeed bridge

This is the bridge I built when I had the idea to turn the workbench 90 deg from the original plan. It provides, with the workbench top, about 14' of outfeed surface, a decided luxury when working plywood.


Last is my pride and joy workbench. I built it in a 5 day class last year at the American Sycamore Woodworkers Retreat in Indiana. I never worked that hard for 5 days straight in my life (or had as much fun)!

There you have it, as it is today. Tomorrow will be different, hopefully in the better direction...


Originally posted 6 February, 2003

wb 6 February, 2003