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A Tour of Simon St. Laurent's Shop
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My bio seemed to generate calls for pictures, so here's the shop, so far. There's plenty of sawdust and junk - I only moved a few boxes out of the way.


We'll start with the lathe, since that's where I had the most fun today. It's a little Taig lathe, ordered from Lee Valley Tools. It shares the top of a cabinet with a Jet grinder. The cabinet is the same one that made me crazy a couple of weekends ago, as the Baltic Birch plywood didn't have square corners and my (old) circular saw only made things worse. It's unfinished, and may yet get doors, but it does the job for this tiny lathe and the grinder.

Saw table

Moving back from the lathe, the next thing up is the table saw, a fabulous (really!) BT3000. I made it mobile and made it so the extension table could be stored separately, to make maximum advantage of space, but I think I'll end up building it a whole new cabinet. As you can see, it's the current location of the "big pile" which moves from tool to tool as I move from one to the other. You can also see the crazy furnace we have to the right of the table.

Shop wall

Also in this same area are some shelves, a mitre saw, and a drill press, plus a freezer. The mitre saw's been very handy for 2x4 construction (especially when the table saw is buried like it is now). The drill press is a Ryobi WDP 1850 I got reconditioned at a Cummins sale. The reconditioned aspect is fine, but the beating it took as a display model has been harder to fix, notably the fence. I love the machine, though, and can't imagine going back to a traditional drill press.

Circular saw

The corner that was originally my shop holds most of the exotic stuff, as well as some familiar goodies from Grizzly and Porter-Cable. After battling my Black & Decker circular saw and losing, I gave in to tool lust and bought the Festo ATF 55. You see it here with a guide and the sacrificial folding table, where it's done very very well. (It's only been a week, but so far, so great.)

Band saw

The other funky piece of equipment I own is an Inca 340 bandsaw, which is just plain fantastic. It's small, but delightful. The stand it rests on is 2x4 plus plywood, built using beadlock floating tenons. It was a successful experiment. You can also see my air compressor hiding under the stairs.


The last major piece of equipment lurking in this corner is a double-ended bench holding my Grizzly sander (the 1014Z) and my router equipment, including the table. This all fits under the staircase, and I can pull it out and spin it around to switch between the two functions.

Hmmm... what else? Dust collection is the Craftsman vac and the plastic pipe with yellow gates you see on the ceiling. There's also a Workmate and a Craftsman sort-of-clone which are pretty critical, and lots and lots of laundry in the corner I skipped. The ceilings are pretty low, especially with the joists being where they are. There's pretty much no room to move, and lumber storage is everywhere. The concrete floor is tilted, there's a trench around the edge of the foundation, and the dehumidifier is almost always busy.

Time to put this stuff to work! Hope you enjoyed the quick tour.

Originally posted 25 October 2001

wb 26 October 2001