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Well, it's about time I've posted some pics for my shop tour. I've had a tour on my website (in the members' section under Full Quiver) and I've posted some pics that pretty much showed off my entire shop before. But this is dedicated to get me into the shop tours section of the Pond.

Well, I wasn't too smart when I started putting together a woodshop 3 years ago. I blew all my money on shop tools, not a bad thing by the way, but now I don't have enough money to do the things I want to do. Future tasks include 220 wiring, more lights, turning tablesaw extension into router table, turning outfeed table into cabinet with full extension drawers (Thank you, Moses, for the help with this), replacing current workbench area with butcher block and installing drawers or doors underneath and many others too numberous to mention.

My wife and I have a made decision not to spend on extras for awhile and pursue other financial goals, which means spending very little on my woodshop since I can live with it now for awhile. But look out, when we do get to the point where I can finish this, I will with a vengence :).

West view of the shop

The first pic is looking from the entrance of my two car garage (1/2 for storage of lawn stuff because I have no barn yet) towards the west or double garage doors. All wood that you see has been given to me for free by friends with downed trees (1 hickory and 2 walnut) or a local cabinet maker giving me his ply cutoffs (cutoffs range in size from 11x31 to 40x96; close to 200 pieces).

North view of the shop

The second pic is of my north wall.

East view of the shop

The third pic is of the east wall which is set up for making a Brio knockoff train set for my boys for Christmas. Almost finished with it.

Thanks for looking at my humble abode. It's not extravagant, but I get the job done.

Rusty Hughes

Originally posted 19 November 2001

wb 20 November 2001