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A Tour of RJ Schuff's Shop
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Since I spent a bit of time cleaning up the shop this past weekend, I thought I would add my shop tour to the site. I have a fairly small area to work in. Total footage is maybe 15'x23'. The shop is in my basement and the first two pictures are facing the same direction but down opposite walls.

Table Saw


The next two views are facing the opposite direction. You can see my DJ 20 parked at the far end.


Note that just about everything is on wheels. It is a bit of a pain moving things back and forth, but it works.

PM66 again

This last picture gives you a perspective around the corner where the mortiser sits. The doorway on the other side of the storage rack enters my oldest son's bedroom. His room occupies 1/4 of the basement. When he decides to move out, the space becomes mine. Hooray!

Mortiser and Planer

I hope you enjoyed a peek into my shop. RJ

Originally posted 22 October, 2001

wb 22 October, 2001