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A Tour of Rennie Heuer's Shop

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The shop is built in a 22 x 22 two car garage. I completely stripped out everything the previous owner had left behind and re-did the interior to suit my needs. The floor has 3 coats of a 2-part epoxy finish. It's great to clean, but a bit slippery. I would add some kind of traction agent were I to do it again. The walls took 2 coats of primer and 2 coats of semi gloss before they looked half way decent. The lighting is all high output, daylight color fluorescent. Great for putting on a finish and not getting fooled by the color.

I wired a sub panel for the shop with 12 circuits. The back bench is served by 3 20 amp circuits, the bench has a hanging outlet on a separate 20 amp line, each of the stationary tools is on its own circuit as well. The lighting is also separate as I never wanted to be in the dark with a power tool that was winding down after popping a breaker.


This is the east wall. The tablesaw dominates the space in my shop, as you will see. Under the cover along the wall is an old Shopsmith. If you know the color of a Hegner scroll saw you may be able to spot the one hiding in this and the next pic.


The west wall might be called a garage door in a lesser shop. For me it's predominately the lumber storage area. To the left of the wall is my bandsaw. Near the saw is my jointer.


If you closed your eyes, thought real hard, and added about $20,000 worth of tools, you might think you were in The New Yankee Workshop with the saw to the left, the Ulmia bench to the right, and the (non-laser) miter saw along the wall.


Speaking of The New Yankee Workshop...Mechanicals and entrance to/from sanctuary dominates this wall


Another view of the east wall showing my roll around tool chest and small parts storage on the wall.

I have added a 30,000 BTU Modine 'Hot Dawg" gas fired heater and hope to add AC this summer.

Most of the tools you can see. Those you cannot include an Hitachi compressor kept under the chop saw (I ran an outlet into the cabinet), a bunch of sanders, drills, and routers all kept in those big metal drawer cabinets (purchased for $25 each at a local fabric store when they changed hands).

The dust collection is Oneida - 2 HP with an internal pleated filter, the Hegner is my wife's, the shopsmith has been with me for 25 years, and the work bench dates back to the mid 1920's. It's solid maple and I bought it from one of the master organ builders for the John Wanamaker Organ in Philadelphia.

Rennie Heuer

Posted 30 April 2004

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