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A Tour of Randy Gillard's Shop

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I was testing out a new digital camera and took a few shop shots. I thought I’d post a little tour. My shop occupies ˝ of a 2-car garage, around 12x26.

First off, the heart of any shop, the table saw. A General International 50-175. It has served me well. I love the fence on this saw. Mounted in the extension wing is an Hitachi M12V router in homemade everything router table.

table saw

That’s a sled modified for box joints. I’m making a cabinet for my shop stereo at the moment.

Next is my planer. A Ridgid 13” on a homemade stand. It is a great planer.


Jointer, King 6”. Performs adequately, no complaints..


The Makita LS1013 SCMS. There have been so many positive comments posted on this saw by others that I won’t bother here. The stand was a good project from Popular Woodworking. It has a very sturdy wing design.


Dust Collector, a Delta 50-850. Reasonably happy with that, but the stock bags are not great at 30 microns. I need to upgrade.
dust collector

Workbench from a modified Norm Abrams plan. Mostly 2x4 construction with plywood+MDF top and hardwood trim.


Bandsaw, a King 14”. After some initial “tweaking” this saw runs smooth and powerful now.


My cheapo Mastercraft lathe. Not much of it, but it seems to work and I got it for dirt cheap. Next to it is the Performax 16/32 drum sander. I love the sander, it makes life a little easier for sure, since I HATE sanding.

lathe and sander

My Drill press (another King) 13” that also works well. King tools get a bad rep sometimes, but I have had good luck with mine. Underneath is the PC compressor for the 18 gauge brad nailer, but I only use it to hold things until the glue dries ;)

drill press

My ugly homemade air filter made from a furnace fan, pocket filter and pleated pre-filter. This thing works better than I had expected, although it does rumble a bit. Someday I’ll stiffen the box with a few braces. Note the decorative switch on the right with unconnected pigtails. Some jobs never get done.

air filter

This is the semi-organised mess of my pegboard.


And lastly, my lumber rack. It is lagbolted into the wall and so far has held up well.

lumber rack

I hope you enjoyed the tour.



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