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A Tour of Phil Kuglin's Shop
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Well I finally got around to taking some pictures of my shop. Seems between work and home projects this came last.

front view of shop

First, here is a picture of the front of the shop with my Kubota tractor on the right. Nice fall day for NW Oregon...

side view of shop

Now a side picture with the side door. I put a fence around it for a dog run, but it's never used. My wife thinks it's either too cold or hot outside for them. That's what happens when all the kids have grown up...


Here is a shot from the entry door at the work bench and basic work area. I built the bench as my very first woodworking project back in the winter of 1999-2000. I am in the middle of some chairs for my wife.


Rotating to the left is my jointer and chop saw stations. The new DJ-20 is working great.


I have the Legacy and the wood rack on the back wall to the left of the bathroom door which I keep closed because the dust collection is inside there.


To the right of the bathroom is my Laguna bandsaw and the drill press.


Moving to the right my unisaw is placed almost in the middle of the shop which gives me room for cutting plywood sheets.


Here is a shot of behind the unisaw. I have a disk/belt sander and a smaller bandsaw since I keep the Laguna setup for resawing. I also keep my scroll saw there. Someday I want to combine the 10" bandsaw and the scroll saw into the same configurable stand to have more room.

router table

Here is the router station which is part of the unisaw square. I am working on changing this around and building a down draft table for this area. The router table would be moved to the out board table position of the table saw.

plywood storage

To the left of the entry door I built a plywood rack and I keep my small 12 1/2" Delta planer there when not in use.

plane collection

Finally, here is a shot of the plane collection I have built over the past few months. I still need a couple, but I still having fun with these.

That's my 24' x 24' shop. I wish I had more time to spend there. Between work and family I get 1 day a week, but I am happy for that. Next, thing is to finish the attic above it into a 1 bedroom loft. The roof is a 12/12 pitch so the attic space is a good 14'x24' of useable room. With the downstairs bathroom, small refrig and a microwave I could live there (especially when my father-in-law stays with us).


Originally posted 23 November 2002

wb date 23 November 2002