Badger Pond Shop Tours
A Tour of Paul Cresti's Shop

The shop is in my garage, which is 13' x 26'. It connects to my house via a breezeway. The shop was in the basement until March of this year. The only piece of equipment I did not have in the basement was, of course, the Agazzini B-24 (it weighs 600lbs and is a liitle over 7' tall).

I had a lot of work to do prior to moving the shop. The termites were attacking my garage due to the fact that the sill plate was directly on the slab at grade. I posted up the garage, cut about 2' off of the bottom and placed a couple of courses of block all around. I also removed the back wall of the garage (it was an addition to the breezeway) and added it to the shop.

The whole project took about 3 months and consisted of a lot of late nights wiring, sheetrocking, spackling, insulating, etc.

Back left corner

The first picture is of the back left corner of my shop were I can say proudly resides my newest acquisition; the Agazzani B-24.

Back right corner

The next picture is the back right corner. The only piece of equipment I have mobile is the Dewalt planer. I believe in situating each piece in it maximum usable position and leaving it there, partly due to the fact each piece has its own outlet (220V or 110V) and its own DC connection.

Front right corner

The next picture is the front right corner. It holds, among other things, my shop built router table, which is also used as a cut-off table. In order to use the router table I simply move the other work/cut-off table against the garage door.

Front left corner

The last picture is the front left corner of the shop. The benches are made out of a 2x4 support sytem and the top is all 2x6s covered with oak veneer plywood for a smooth surface. You might also notice that with the height of the garage I also gained storage overhead.

I hope you have enjoyed viewing my home away from home as much as I enjoy seeing everyone else's. One of these days I will submitt a bio.

Happy Woodworking, Paul B. Cresti

Originally posted 25 May 2001

wb 15 June 2001