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A Tour of Patrick Smith's Shop
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Well, the last time I posted I think the walls were up and the floor was just painted in what will be the basement shop. That was about two months ago. Since then I've been pretty much stalled, until our second boy's first birthday came around and the wife said "get to work!" so the house could be clean for the party :) So I finished up as much as I could. I think I've gone about as far as it's going to get now though... seeing as I'm a WorldCom employee (still) we are in full-out cash saving mode. No cabinets, router table, or workbench any time soon.

Anyway... here are the pics! The shop is two rooms that are connected. One thing I have to say... I love the lighting!! It is SO NICE to be able to work and not struggle to see marks or where to cut. There are four 8' lights in the shop. We'll start the pre-tour at the entrance:

lumber rack

Coming down the basement stairs and looking in the double doors, the lumber rack is to the right. Made that real quick out of some 2x6's and a few 2x4's bolted together in a ladder rack arrangement.

miter saw stand

Behold the miter saw stand that was thrown together in two days. It sits on the two large square beige cabinets (actually rack mount cabinets). It is just three ladder racks screwed together wrapped with an MDF casing and top. My own design. It's 24" deep and I like that behind the fence there is enough room for tools and other things, out of the way of work. I lucked out and my other old file cabinets fit underneath it.

router table

This is walking over to the miter saw stand and looking left, into the other connected 'room'. This was where I will eventually put a dedicated router table. The air and DC connections are on this wall.

lots of power

This shot is walking over to the bench in the last picture and spinning around to the right. There are four outlets every 4 feet on the back wall here, and two 220v outlets. This was going to be a spot for a two lathes and a workbench area, with some cabinets.

table saw

This is a shot from the back corner, looking through to the entrance. The server rack I had been using for shelf space, but that will be gone once I can get the band saw and jointer down the stairs. The unfinished space on the wall above the table saw will be for cutoffs less than 2' long.

suck, blow, zap

This is a close-up of the left wall of the shop. DC, air, 220v and 110v outlets. It is the best feeling to be able to plug into an air line in the basement and have it work!!!

So that's where I'm at so far. It will probably stay like this for a while. Well, until I start actually doing stuff like the next picture shows.

messy view of the shop

Just wondering if anyone else works like this. I hope I am not alone in my lack of cleanliness... and it's not for want of a clean shop! I would LOVE to work in a clean shop, I just never end up putting things back when I take them out!! How bad is that?

Note the half finished router table in the middle of the shop (with the planer on top of it, needed that for the shelf project for the wife yesterday), the almost finished magazine rack on the table saw, and the unfinished turning still on the lathe. So much for focus! :)

Thanks for all the encouragement along the way. The lights are going to be off for a while so the electric bill stays low.

Thanks for looking.


Originally posted 29 June 2002

wb 25 September 2002