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Well a friend came over with his new ditigal camera so I can share my new shop with all of you on the Pond. Building the shop has been alot of fun even with the summer (1999) heat and sweat. It did help me in my efforts to lose weight (55lbs. so far). I had a "construction" party and had 13 friends show up and we raised the building in one day and had the tarpaper on the roof that night.

Outside view of the shop

This is an outside view of the shop.


Shot of Onieda dust collector & JDS air filtration, it is nice to have just a handful of dust to sweep up at the end of a day.

Table saw

After the shop was built the old Craftsman tablesaw just didn't look right sitting in the middle of all that space. I had buried electrical service (220 - 30 amp & 110 - 20 amp) to the middle of the shop and also ran 5" pvc electrical conduit for the dust collection to the tablesaw. The only thing left to do was to purchase the Jet left tilt cabinet saw and the Excalibur bladeguard/dust collector.

Radial arm saw

I have come a long ways but still have much to do. I am planning to build a new base for the radial arm saw & miter saw and have a common fence for both so that I can crosscut 12' boards to the left of the RAS and even longer boards to the right of the mitersaw. I got 2 Biesemyer stops from a cabinet shop that was closing now I just need time. Also 10' ceiling allowed me to put in alot of storage for misc. stuff that the wife said I need to store in that new shop.

Paint storage cabinet

Nothing real fancy but the wife says that now that I have this big shop (24x24) that I have to get all the paint out of her washroom. A friend just happen to have a bunch of 10' x 16" x 3/4" plywood drops from a big job that he was doing. The result is the paint/storage cabinet. Now if I only had time to move all that paint and put it in the cabinet.

Workbench for my son

For many years now I have promised to make my son a workbench and he has been persistant and it is starting to pay off for him. For his 13th birthday I told him I would build him a workbench. We went through several of my magazines and he picked out the fold down work center out of ShopNotes. This is the upper cabinet made out of birch plywood and trimed with cherry. Finish is 3lb orange shellac (he likes the golden color). It will get mounted on the back wall between the air conditioner & bandsaw.

Incra TS III

Recently went to my first wood show and was so impressed with the Incra TS III fence I just had to have one. Buying it caused me to have to make a new extension table and new top for outfeed table. But it is really nice to have the precision that they advertise.

RAS cabinet

Since building my shop last summer (1999) I have been busy getting things set up inside. Recently got rid of the old steel legs on my DeWalt RAS and replaced it with the pictured wood cabinet with drawers on full extension slides.

I hope everyone enjoys these pictures as much as I have enjoyed everyone else's. Of all the forums out there, Badger Pond is definitely the best because of all the friendly, great people that swim here.

Pat Rice

Originally posted 11 October 1999

wb 16 June 2001