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A Tour of Ned Bulken's Shop

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I've been busy the past few weeks getting things buttoned up at my new shop. Here're a few recent shots

shop parts being unloaded

That's one of several loads of stuff being unloaded. I really need to clear the “driveway”. Good thing I'm an ex trucker and know how to back around obstacles.

shop dried in

Rear of the shop finally closed in. I still have to put on the board and batten siding, as well as another couple of rolls of Tyvek, but all in all, it is shedding water and keeping the insides dry.

lumber rack

Here's the new lumber rack I decided to build.

self generating shop clutter

Predicably it has already gathered a mess up there.

previously crafted shop benches

I also brought my benches up from storage.

shop bench detail

the rear bench is 41" tall, which is how I had both of them in my old shop I shared with my mentor. I think I'm going to have to cut it down to match the other bench, which is at 35¾", or just under tablesaw height. I won't be using them for outfeed purposes, but if I have them clear (yeah, right!), I can still cut sheet goods without rearranging the shop too much.

it was a dark and stormy night in the shop

a friend called this “working late.”

electrical nerve center—such as it is

There's my tall bench with my charging station and current power center. I'm still living off of an extension cord until I can find the money in the budget to get a regular service panel installed. Even doing it myself right now just won't work, materials costs being what they are.

shop doors


shop starting to fill up

Getting crowded in there.

obligatory lathe shot

And for all you spinny types…

I also brought up my bench grinder, but that hasn't found a home yet, and I still need to buy new wheels for it.

Posted 26 August 2008

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