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A Tour of Moses Yoder's Shop
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Welcome to my humble shop. Grab a cup of good fresh coffee, and I'll lead you on a bit of a tour. You'll notice that it looks like it was actually built to store motorized vehicles inside, and is in fact 24' x 28', just right for 2 cars, but really works better as a shop.

table saw and wood

As we roll open an 8' overhead door, we notice the Delta contractors table saw first, with a 50" Biesmeyer fence, nicely positioned to slide sheets right off the truck onto the table. A pipe rack to the right holds lumber, with a radial arm saw to crosscut it to length. In the corner to the back is the air compressor and Jet DC 1100 dust collector with plastic pipe hooked up to the RAS, TS, and jointer. The jointer stands to the left of the saw, with an auxilliary fence the same height as the saw table to use as support for sheet good ripping.

county landfill

Step to the left a bit, and you'll see an area that looks similar to the county landfill. A few projects waiting to be tackled (furniture repairs and refinishing for relatives; the hardest ones to finish ;), along with misc. tools and gadgets from garage sales and auctions that were just to good to pass up. I also store tools on wheels in this area; the Powermatic Model 24A shaper, and my combination bandsaw and planer cart.

My shop built edge sander rests in the corner, hooked up to the small Jet dust collector, with room for some sheet goods and misc. storage behind them. Now stepping in a little further, we come to a small bench built for sharpening and misc. metal work. It holds a hand cranked grinder and stropper, with drawers for sharpening stones and sandpaper. My electrolysis tub sets on the bottom shelf, and the power grinder hangs on the right. A post vice mounted on the left side does a great job of cracking nuts. To the right of the sharpening bench is a post drill mounted on the wall.

bandsaw and planer

My combo bandsaw and planer cart, with an old Rockwell 14" band saw and the Dewalt lunchbox planer.

saw and jointer

Step back a little bit to get an overall view of the saw and jointer with the bench area behind them.

my favorite part of the shop

And now a closer view of my favorite part of the shop. I built the shop on a pretty tight budget, and can scrounge wood pretty cheap and stick it away for a rainy day, so I ended up building all of my own tool cabinets and the work bench (oh, there are are two garage sale special ammo boxes that hold some of my hammers in the bakc corner too) .

The tool box to the left of the bench took up more time than any other project I've ever worked on. I don't have pics of the inside here (maybe in the future), but it holds most of my hand tools, including planes, saws, chisels, braces and drill bits, scrapers and files, mallets and hammers.


Last, get a closer look at the tool cabinets on the back wall, built to eventually display some nice tools.

That's it for now: I'm wondering if perhaps in the future I would build a smaller, comfy shop and eliminate most of the power tools, keeping the bandsaw for the main grunt work, and perhaps a smaller table saw and jointer. Building the shop to function well with a limited budget has been my favorite pastime for about 4 years now, and will continue to be both mentally stimulating and satisfying for many years to come.

Originally posted 20 April 2002

wb 20 April 2002