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A Tour of Mike Tubbs' Shop
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I have finally (I think) learned to post pictures. So here is a tour of my shop. This is an evolution of over 30 years of woodworking and many, many shops. I am very proud of the shop that I have and it is always in a state of remodel. My newest aquisition, the Oneida cyclone, forced me to tear out a room and run even more electrical service.

main view

This is the view as you first come in. Size is 32'x 40' with central heat and air (74 degrees, year around). In the back is my assemby area. The cabinets are home to my Dewalt 12" sliding compound miter saw. The countertop is actually the fence for the SCMS. A box is built around it to trap sawdust. A 4" dust hose is inside the box. To the right of the red ladder is a bathroom with shower.


Next is my Powermatic 3520. To the right of it you will see a rolling cabinet I built to hold my turning tools, face plates, chucks, and on top is my slow speed grinder with Wolverine attachments. To the left of the lathe is my drill press; the cabinet holds all my drill bits and such.

table saw

This my Delta Unisaw w/ 50" Biesmeyer fence. No, it's not a Jet; it is a special edition called "The Great White" (1997). To the right of the table saw is a Powermatic 54 jointer. Behind the TS is a Performax 16-32. Way off in the left hand corner is my favorite tool (full of Miller Lite). Above you can see two JDS air filters.

cyclone dc

This is the north wall in my shop. My new 2 h.p. Oneida cyclone with all steel spiral pipe. The outlet size is 7" and reduces to 6" for my main run. I then reduced it to 5" at the Delta 380 15" planer. To the right of the planer is a homemade router table with a Jessum Router-Lift and Makita 3612c router (3-1/4 h.p.). The table houses all my extra routers (6) and all the bits and accesories. To the left is a Delta 6'x48" sander. By the way all machines are hooked to the cyclone (another view of my favorite machine, frig!).


In the right hand corner is the workhorse of the shop; the Minimax 16" bandsaw. 3.8 h.p., 13" re-saw height.

I appreciate everyone looking, and yes my shop is generally in this condition. I work many hours out there and make a point to keep it organized and clean. Everything has a place and it is put back in its place when finished. I have a bad memory so I put things up so I'll know where they are.

Originally posted 20 September 2002

wb 20 September 2002