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I finally got a chance to take the digital camera out while the shop was clean to get a set of “completed” pictures of my shop. The shop is located in a 30x48x12 pole barn that was already built when we purchased our house last winter. The inside was almost totally unfinished, except for some wiring that the previous owner did, and concrete in the front 32’.

shop at dusk

The first picture shows an overall view of the barn. Sorry, it was getting dark when I took the pictures. There is a sliding door on the right side at the back that allows access to the back part of the barn, which has a dirt floor. In the future, we may move the large overhead door to where the sliding door is and put a smaller overhead door or double doors on the front with another window or two.

door to shop

The second picture shows the entrance to the shop. I want to build a small porch over this area in the future to create a little display for my gas pump and shelter the door.

initial view

Next, is a view when you enter the door. We put up the wall at the back (towards the right side of the picture) to separate the back part from the front. All of the walls were insulated and covered with OSB. The ceiling is sheet metal like is commonly used on pole barns. It was a quick way to get a good, reflective ceiling and I would do it again.


Stepping towards the back and looking back at the door area, you can see my compressor, electrical panel, and a frost free hydrant the previous owner installed. I wouldn’t have done this, but I’m glad he did. I need to make a small sink that hooks up to it to give me a place to wash my hands or more easily fill a water container.

mini lathe

Right next to the door is my miter saw station and Jet Mini lathe with an extension. The stand is based on plans I found on the net. Yes, the legs are concrete blocks.

tool boxes

Next to the lathe, I have all my mechanics and general tools in a roll around tool box. I have a bench set up for metalwork and sharpening. Notice the air drop. I put in three different drops, including one on a retractable reel over my main bench.

table saw

Next, a view of my tablesaw, sliding table, and outfeed table. I love the sliding table, which got its first real use on the fireplace project I just completed. The outfeed table is made from cabinets I purchased at a garage sale covered with a melamine top.


I added pull-out trays and drawers inside the cabinets and store most of my portable power tools and nailers in there. They can be seen in this picture along with my jointer.

drill press

Along the back wall, I have my drill press and more tool storage. I need to build a good wooden toolbox so I can get rid of the red one sitting on the small table. My mortiser is on the table behnd the toolbox. You can also kind of see my belt/disc sander and spindle sander in front of the drill press.


Moving along the back wall is my router table and band saw, then around the corner again is my hardware storage and more of the garage sale cabinets with a countertop. You can also see my air conditioner.

clamp rack and air conditioner

Next to the air conditioner is my dust collection, a metal storage cabinet for finishing and gluing supplies.


In the front corner, directly across from the door, there is a small room the previous owner built. I cut in a window, and finished the inside as an office.

sheet good storage

Finally, sheet good and miscellaneous storage in front of the big overhead door. I’m planning to build some storage for the sheet goods that will store them on the 4’ edge right next to the office, about where the vacuum is sitting. I also need to build storage for all my cutoffs underneath the window with the air conditioner.

lumber storage

In the back of the barn, I have my lumber storage rack.

John Deere planer

I also have storage for all the lawn care equipment, and my John Deere 60” planer!

Regards, Matt.

Posted 5 August 2004

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