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Good day, Kind Woodworkers. The following is a graphical representation of my meager tool storage area. Hope you enjoy it. My HTML is really bad (but his panorama is good,ed.), so I apologize up front.

panoramic view of the shop

The picture above is a 360 deg. panorama view of my 18' X 20' garage. I've always wondered why they build garages as near squares since cars aren't square. Anyway you can pretty much see all my stuff. Mostly everything is mobile for good reasons and during really bad weather I bring in my minivan. One glaring omission is a workbench. Currently I use a Black & Decker Workmate with a piece of oversized MDF (medium density fiberboard) attached to the top. I'm waiting until I can afford to build a nice big one that won't have to be moved often.

I think it's set up about as good as I can get it considering the amount of (lack of) space I have. Every few years I have to move all this stuff, so I try to not have extremely heavy items. I think that cleaning up is also part of the woodworking hobby, so I like to spend the time required to stay organized. Plus it helps me to think better when everything is where I can find it. Now if I can only migrate this philosophy to other parts of my life.

band saw, wood, and clamps

Photo 2 is a shot of my minuscule wood pile and a few other familiar tool items. The number of clamps I possess is about the bare minimum you can have and still be productive during a semi large project. Clamps are one of those heavy items that I try to keep to a minimum because of my weight allowance when I move.

The big black vacuum you see is actually a Sears model of some sort. I bought it for $5.00 at a "Cheapo Depot" place about 4 years ago. The guy said that it didn't work, but I fixed the switch and it's worked like a charm ever since. The small dust collector I bought at Lowes for about $60 bucks back when they were getting rid of the Jet Shop Line brand. It works great for my sander and other small stuff.

I'm experimenting with an extension table for my band saw, as you can see. I thought well, a table saw can have one why not a band saw? The extension table is supported by the fence rails, which are bolted to the band saw table. I think I'm going to add a support leg from the extension to the base to reduce any strain on the table mounts and then mount a router underneath. We'll see if it's actually going to work or not.

another band saw

This photo shows where I hang a bunch of stuff like my pneumatic fasteners and other odds and ends. This other band saw is a Jet that I bought on clearance a few years ago and have never gotten around to selling it after I bought the Delta. I comes in handy when the other band saw is set up for something else.

The cabinet (if you want to call it that) that my buffer is on, holds all my screws, nails fittings and a bunch of other stuff. I'm surprised it's still together after all of the abuse I've given it over the past 6 years. The drill press is an old Craftsman model that I bought from a guy in Oklahoma for $150.00 about 6 years ago. It's been a pretty decent tool and is all cast iron. It is one heavy dude.


If you've seen one 6 inch jointer, you've seen them all. This one was originally mounted on an open stand but I've since adapted it to this less floor hogging design. I built it low enough so that it doubles as a side support for long items being cut on the table saw. The jointer works well for the $200.00 that I paid for it.


This is my table saw. I've grown to like the putrid color. It matches some of the furniture my grandparents used to own back on the farm in Iowa. My Gramps also had an old outhouse that he said I could easily be replaced with, that also resembled this saw in color. So you see why I favor this color. You really think the outhouse would have mowed the lawn and fished in the pond as well as I did?

I open the garage door when I have to cut large items. It's literally a matter of a fraction of an inch for door-to-saw clearance. You can see where I hang my Incra mitre gauge. That's one thing that seems to peeve all woodworkers - where to keep that darned mitre gauge when it's not being used. The white thing on the fence top is my remote for the dust collector. I fastened 2 rare earth magnets to it so it won't move around. I've removed my blade guard for picture clarity - please use yours. (Did that work? Am I off the hook?)

router table

Here you see my router table, routers and dust collector. The router table seems to be overkill since I could probably save a lot of space by incorporating it into a table saw extension table, but what the hey, it looks good and works great.


This is a photo of my Makita sliding compound miter saw and planer. The planer sits on my jointer's old stand and is made mobile via the Ridgid mobile base contraption that I tried to give to Dave Arbuckle, but when he politely declined I decided to use some ingenuity and make it work for my planer stand. It is actually the smoothest mobile base I've ever had to push around, and it's very heavy duty. My neighbor saw it and ran down to Home Depot and bought three of them while they were still on the shelf for $25.00.

I absolutely love the Makita. I also have a DeWalt 12" compound miter saw and have since stored it away in favor of the Makita. The dust collection could be better but I try to keep it to just a minor source of irritation with the different dust collection set ups.


This is a drawer I built and installed in the dead space beneath the table saw extension. What a nice convenience to have. I splurged and got the full extension drawer slides so I can have full capacity of the drawer available. And ah ha! I can put a spare miter gauge or two inside, along with a few other doo dads like finger savers.

air cleaner

Here be my air cleaner and ear muff hanger supporter. This thing can move some air, Man! That thing with the big handle hanging there is my TS arbor nut wrench that I married together so I can have a more comfortable grip when I change blades.

back of air cleaner

This is another shot from behind.

Well, thanks for taking the time to have a look-see at all my junk (really junk when I have to move it and wish I had a different hobby).


Originally posted 4 January 2002

wb 4 January 2002