Badger Pond Shop Tours
A Tour of Mark Kauder's Shop

Here are the pictures of my little 12'x24' shop. It is small, too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter, but I like it. It is in my back yard, on the hill between the house and the pool. The seperation from the house allows me to work late at night w/o disturbing the family.

Shop from the side of the house

Viewing the Shop from the side of the house - overlooking my Goldfish and Koi pond.

The Pond

The Pond you can kinda see some of my fish. There are about 125, largest are two 18" Koi.

Front of the shop

Front of the shop as seen from the back door of the house. The stairs to the pool are to the right of the Shop.

Picture of the TS

Picture of the TS as seen from the Door of the Shop. The TS is an old but good Craftsman. I have a Jointech SawTrain installed, but am using a shop-made wooden fence on it until my wallet will allow the Jointech Fence and Positioner. The Left table extension has a Mikata 3612BR 3 HP router in a Jessem Rout-R-Lift. The saw is on a self-made mobile stand, and has an Incra 1000 miter gauge. I got the shop-Vac for $10 (used) at Highland Hardware's tent sale. The drill press is a $99 truckload sale special serves my needs.

View from the TS toward the right

View from the TS back the other way toward the right. My Mini-Lathe and a 9" bandsaw are on a mobile base next to the door (same as the TS base except with all drawers underneath). To the right on the pegboard are turning accessories. In the far back right corner is another taller mobile base with drawers that hold Skilsaw, jig saw, ROS, Belt sander, and other misc hand powertools. On top are a small belt/disk sander, a grinder, and a 15" Craftsman Scroll Saw. Middle of the shop is my self-made workbench (more on that later). To the left are built in benches that were there when I bought the house. Over the door is the radio (tuned to the local station that carries Rush Limbaugh and the Braves).

View from the TS toward the lef

View from the TS back the other way toward the left. You can see many of my hand tools and sorta see my Bench Planes (#s 2, 3,4, 4.5,605, 6, 7, 8 &45) and various block planes. To the left you can kinda see my Dewalt Planer under the bench, next to it (unseen) is a Mikata Miter saw. What little wood storage that I have is up high.

View toward the door

View from the other end back toward the door. Over the Lathe and Bandsaw are Pace Picante jars filled with various sizes of square drive wood screws. By the way the reason that I have so much Craftsman stuff, is 1) I did not know any better when I first started out, and 2) when my relatives heard that I was woodworking, I started getting Sears gift certificates for birthday and Christmas presents. Who says that advertising does not pay. (Now they send me Home Depot or Lowes)

My bench

My bench. My design after reading "The Bench Book". The only purchased parts on this bench are the vise hardware. The base is made of Oak Beams from shipping crates at work, and the top is made from 2 24"x72"x1.5" laminated Maple tabletops I scrounged. The cabinet underneath is laminated Poplar 4"x15'x.75 boards that I got a pallet of, from work (the are the side shelves on CharBroil grills discontinued models). The bench is plenty heavy, but on top of the cabinet (unseen) is 200 lbs of steal weights adds plenty of stability for hand planing. All the mobile bases and all the drawers in the shop are made from shipping crates from work (so is most of our firewood).

Deck directly behind the Shop

Deck next to the pool directly behind the Shop. I just resurfaced and stained it. It was here when I bought the house, though I made it better and added the trellis. I am trying to figure a lightweight way to run trellis or screening up and over the top and let vines grow over to provide shade. I just finished the benches the day before this photo. They are out of a Woodsmith book. Dog is a Dalmatian/Coonhound mix and a real sweet dog.

Back from the deck over the pool

Back from the deck over the pool to the treehouse the Kids and I built a few years ago. Hammock underneath and Tree swing hanging from big pine tree.

So that is it a tour of my world. Thanks for looking.


Originally posted 18 May 2001

wb 15 June 2001