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The shop is 28' x 40' and located in Northern Wisconsin. I've worked in the wood industry since 1980 as a journeyman cabinet maker & the last 7 years as a auto CAD draftsman & estimator. I poured the concrete on July 5th, 2003, and I bought the Mini Max T-50 tilting spindle shaper, the 35 Smart jointer/planer, the SW 315 sliding table saw & the MM16 band saw just before the price increase in January, 2004. Since then I've added a Safety Cut panel router. I finally have all the machines set & squared up, and the dust collection ran so it's time to make some sawdust.

shop kit

This is my shop kit. SWMBO is looking forward to seeing something happen with it.

dried in

The shop is dried in. Now we don't have to worry about the weather.

just in time

Just in time, it looks like. Northern Wisconsin has two seasons; July and winter. This is not July.

new toys

Some of the initial delivery of toys.


Beef and an engine hoist are all that's needed.


This is the SW 315 sliding table saw.

sw315 back

And this is the other side of the slider.

MM16 The mighty MM16 bandsaw.


This is the 35 Smart jointer/planer.


The jointer/planer in transition to a planer/jointer.


Porter-Cable's Omnijig dovetail jig. This is a serious production tool for half blind dovetails. There are attachments available for variable size through dovetails, sliding dovetails, and wide spaced half blind dovetails.

miter saw

This is my miter saw.

bandsaw and shaper

The bandsaw and shaper in one pic.

T50 shaper

The T50 tilting spindle shaper.

router table

My router table and a bench saw which will be used for dadoing. The things on the table are knife inserts for the shaper.

drafting table

All things start with a plan, and the plans get started here at my drafting table.

Regards, Mark.

Posted 8 July 2004

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