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I just finished getting my shop hoed out and some of the wiring done so I dont have to run extesion cords everywhere. As long as I had the basic shop done I figured Id clean it up and shoot it.

bench Bench and hardware. The Bulletin board will be mounted to the chimney with a screwdriver rack and a strip of outlets under it.

tool storage Two tool storage racks, I'm planning on building a plane till between them.

tool cabinet closed This is a cabinet that was given to us by a friend of my wife's. It was her dad's. He had abused it, cut the corner off the top crown molding, screwed a coat hook on each door panel uncentered, and cut the molding between the doors to mount a hasp. There was no way this piece was going to be good enough to put in the house, but is a class piece for the shop.

tool cabinet open I use the bottom drawers for sharpening jigs and other hand tools.
In the cabinet area (b,to t)

  • Circular saw blades, and sheet sand paper.
  • Plate glass set for Scary Sharp.
  • Dremel and router bits.
  • ROS disks.
  • More SS plates, more sandpaper ,and other small boxed tools. I need to add a shelf here.
Top two shelves: sanders and other power tools.

saw central Saw Central, clamp racks, saw till, and a rack of power tools.

power tool rack Back at the saw till and power tool rack.

saw till closed I have 40 saws in it now. It's 48 x 58" high. I found the carcass in the dump about the time I was planning to build one.

saw till open Lights are a little over the top but if you have a glass front till you must put a light in it. Just find a spot away from, or at least perpendicular to your table saw.

hardware storage 17 feet of hardware storage.

bench and storage Back across the bench to more storage racks and the stairs to SWMBO's Rest O'House.

stove The shop is 27 x 27 but has a 6' x 3' 4 flue, chimney base in the middle of it. There is a wood stove down here but haven't had to use it. The table is one I found and after I remove the greenish/blue (or is it bluish/green) paint, it's oak with a maple top that will be a sewing table for SWMBO.

Regards, Kevin

Posted 20 January 2005

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