Badger Pond Shop Tours
A Tour of Ken Salisbury's Shop
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I built my shop in 1991 after retiring and moving to Huntsville, AL. I did all the construction myself with the exception of the roof trusses and roof sheeting which some neighbors and my son did for me in a day (and a case of Bud Light). It is 24' x 24', well insulated and air conditioned. The ceilings are particle board and the walls are paneled. Two walk-in doors and a standard 1 car garage door.

Outside view of the shop

Major Equipment List:

  • Jet 10" Table Saw
  • Jet Mini Lathe
  • Jet 6" Jointer
  • Jet 15"Planer
  • Jet Benchtop Mortiser
  • Craftsman 10" RAS
  • Jet JWL 1236 Lathe
  • Jet JWBS 14CS Bandsaw
  • Grizzly 24" Drum Sander
  • Powermatic Shaper
  • Ryobi Orbital Sander
  • Grizzly Belt/Disk Sander
  • General Tool Drill Press
  • Scroll Saw
  • Vertical Router Table
  • Horizontal Router Table (benchtop)
  • Ryobi Miter Saw
  • Delta Miter Saw

The North wall has base and wall cabinets across the 24' span with my RAS mounted in the center of the base cabinets, giving me a long surface to support lumber on the RAS. It is well lighted with 4' florescent fixtures (12). There are 110v outlets every 4' around the outer walls and 110v outlets in the ceiling for drop cords. There are 220v outlets in the center of all 4 walls. A ceiling fan is mounted in the center of the shop, and of course a telephone and cable TV (in case I just want to go out, have a Bud Light and watch Norm while cleaning up).

From the southwest view of the shop

This picture is from the SW. Corner just inside the front walk-thru door.

From the southeast view of the shop

This picture is from the S.E. Just inside the large door.

From the east view of the shop

This picture is from East side showing both walk-thru doors and the West wall. The cabinet mounted on the wall just above the mini-lathe and next to the drill press is one I made from a Woodsmith plan which contain hand tools, shaper cutters, router bits, chisels, etc mounted both on the cabinet back and in the doors. One of the best shop cabinet plans I have ever seen. I made it in 1990.

Ken (The Old Man)

Originally posted 21 June 2001

wb 21 June 2001