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Hello good people, many of you have heard me babbling on about my new shop features. The shop itself is still pretty much an empty room, once the junk is cleared. But, I wanted to post these few pictures to let you know that yes, it really does exist :-)


Here is the south side of the building. The actual shop is on the west (left) end and is 25x25. The A/C is a standard 2.5 ton heat pump. The double door is the main entrance to the shop. The single door on the south side is the entrance to the 8x12 finishing room. At the east end is a 2 car/truck garage which my LOL has taken over for a gardening workshop.


Here is the other side. The entire building is brick and matches the house. The door at the far end is the back entrance to the garage, and the door to the right is the entrance to my 8x12 ham radio room. The radio room has its own PTAC heat pump. The separate unit was used to isolate the radio room from the dust of the shop.


OK, here it is, The Shop, as viewed from the corner by the double doors. Note the junque still present from the moving. On the far wall, behind the metal shelf, is the door to the finishing room. Along all the walls are multiple quad box 120V outlets each duplex within the quad box has its own circuit breaker. Each wall has 3 230V 20A outlets, each with its own circuit breaker. The far wall, left, has a 230V 30A outlet for a dust cyclone unit. There are 8 2-lamp fluorescent fixtures on the ceiling with 5000K, 91CRI bulbs.


Here is a shot from the other end. The shop has its own 200amp panel with its own meter. There were enough circuits that a subpanel was needed to hold all the breakers. The shop has telephone, TV, and computer lines as part of the "structured wiring" system I installed. The shop, radio room, and garage has intercom stations. If someone rings the doorbell, the chime will be heard in every room of both the house and shop building.


This is the famous trench for the dust collector piping, wiring, and compressed air. It is full of junque now. By the way, the garage has a 230V 30A outlet for the compressor. About halfway down the trench is an antique vise used by LOML's grandfather (it is attached to the bench by a single bolt with a large wingnut). To the left is a big black copper 30 gal. kettle that my grandparents used to scald hogs back in the pre 1920 days. Black with soot because it needs a good cleaning. Oh yes, all the floors of the shop building have been painted with Sherwin-Williams 2-part epoxy paint, as was the floor of the house garage.

Well, that is it folks. As you can see, there are not many real (power) tools in there yet. Talk about a clean slate to work from ;-) Right now I am still doing "honey-do's" so the shop is on hold for a while.

Thanks for looking.

Best Regards, - Ken

Originally posted 6 February 2003

wb 6 February 2003