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A Tour of Kirk (KC) Constable's Shop
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Now HERE'S a messy shop!

Consider this a challenge...

outside view of the shop

Here's what I see when I walk up the driveway to my humble shop. An original 16x24 pole barn with Masonite siding and a saggy roof, and a 16 x 20 stick-built addition with a saggy roof I added a couple or three years ago. Note the homey little porch lite by the hasn't worked since the first bulb burned out somewhere around 9 years ago. (Does this surprise anyone?ed.)

There's about a 12' patio off the side of the original section. I don't use it for anything really, except there's a lot of junk under there.

lumber storage

As we enter the front door (which doesn't close, by the way {another surprise. ed.}), we see one area of lumber storage. In other words, the floor and a table with a stack of stuff on it. See the cool little Shaker chair? I'm making some of them for Jean's teddy bears to sit in.

Craftsman lathe

Just to the right of the door is the old Craftsman 'big lathe'. The window is stuck open, but only part way. Won't budge, and hasn't since I can't remember when. I try to clean up the sawdust in front of the lathe when standing in it makes me too tall to work comfortably. And not until.

drill press

To the left of the lathe is my benchtop drill press. With very few exceptions, it's been enough for me. It's amazing that I haven't lost the chuck key, which sits on a broken turned thingy at the right front corner of the table. Looks like I forgot to put a couple bits away, too!


Around the 'work tables' in the middle (which are useless because they're stacked full of stuff I've long forgotten) is my little 'sanding' center. Got the Performax 16/32 Plus on the little cabinet, a Delta BOSS behind that, and the Delta 12" disc.

sanding table

Here's my primary sanding table, next to the dust collector. You can see I've got about 8" of useable space at the front of it, because there's stuffed piled up at the back. The floor in front of the DC is fairly clean because I recently emptied the bag after waiting until it was full into the upper bag. No choice but to pick up the floor after that. :-(

Jet mini lathe

As we climb the step into the new section, the JET mini lathe is on the right, and the DeWalt planer on the left. I have no idea why I put the ladder there, but it belongs on the junk 'patio'. Notice I have to move some plywood before I can turn anything here.

table saw

Continuing in, we pass the bandsaw on the right and router table on the left, and meet the main work space...the tablesaw top! I can use about 20" of the 52" rip capacity without moving all the junk off the outfeed table. Behind the saw are a few footstools I've been fiddling with, and another major storage area for useable lumber. I'm rather proud to say that probably 50% of my spring clamps are actually put up where they belong. Those things are hard to find if you don't keep track of 'em.


Here we are looking back toward the entrance, so you can get a better idea of how cluttered the aisle is. The plastic between the two sections is because I insulated the new part so I can be warm in the winter. I reckon I'll be moving stuff off the planer before I can use that again, Between the planer and the router table is one of my scrap boxes. It's full.

router table

A head-on shot of the router table. It's the secondary work surface. Those are the backs for the Morris chairs I'm finishing up this weekend.

miter saw

I built a nice table for my mitersaw...I just don't clean it up very often. In fact, the only time I do clean it is when I need room for the outfeed. Note the sawdust pile behind the saw. It was bigger a couple days ago, but I had occasion to make a bevel cut and I had to scoop out a bit to find the handle.


This 'farther away' view catches the jointer at the right. Behind the chair in my mortiser...somewhere on that cabinet.


Here's a 'floor view' towards the mitersaw. Lotsa scraps and clamps and trash on the floor. And hey! There's my broom!


Finally, we're at the end. The pile of clamps is sitting on a piece of MDF along with I have no idea what else, and that MDF is sitting on the walnut entertainment center I started a year or so ago. I'd like to finish it because it's in the way, but then I'd have to put the clamps away, and that means I'd have to clean. The pile of scrap on the floor there is true scrap...and every day I intend to load it in the truck and haul it to the burn pile. I'll do it tomorrow, I guess. Sigh.

Originally posted 14 June 2002

wb 15 June 2002