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A Tour of Jon (from the UK) Collister's Shop
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Okay, so finally a few pictures of a UK work shop, mainly an aide memoire as it will shortly be decommissioned, and, with the removal of the tools into storage and the addition of an excercise bike and air walker plus a bottle of Charles Atlas strength pills (never could get the top off the bottle) turned into a Gym/playroom or whatever the prospective purchasers of this property wish it to be.

outside view of the shop

The flowers are HID's (Her in doors) attempt to disguise the work shop. Hanging from the left hand side of the work shop you can make out two of the helix whirly things that I mentioned some time back, very relaxing to watch. To the right of the door is a wind chime I made from some copper pipe left over from some plumbing activity or other.

lumber rack

So, inside looking from the door down the right hand side of the shed. The timber rack, poor design, my sheet goods are kept at the back of the rack, did a fair bit of damage to my back extracting a 8 x 4 from there when it was full. The vac is hooked up to the top extraction port on my table saw, there is a splitter supplied with the saw so the dust extractor can do both above and below the blade but the vac is 100% more efficient with the small bore pipe. Directly behind the vac is my 6" jointer. It came with a Jet manual but there is another name on it. To the left of this is part of the sliding table on my saw under which is the chair from hell. I have thrown it out 3 times now and each time it reappears in the shed%(.

drill press

Same side looking towards the front of the shop. First my dust extractor complete with filter cartridge. Been running with this set up for a while now and it has dramatically reduced fine dust to a real low level. No dust on the wall behind so it is doing its job. High level shelving for hand power tools, unboxed. My drill press on home made stand.

workbench, lathe

Next view from the door down left hand side of the work shop. Bench with associated junk distributed on it. I have a Record quick release vise on the face and an old B&D Workmate benchtop model attatched at the end as an end vise. It works, honest. At the end of the bench is my lathe, again a Record product. It was the largest they produced at the time and was all I could run to as a first lathe; actually not too bad, not grown out of it yet. Oh, above the bench top is my chisel rack complete with a smoked Perspex front, I can see the chisels but there is no danger of testing the sharpness with out removing them from the rack first so no accidents. Oh, the boxed hand power tools live under the lathe, sigh.

router table

Again left hand side this time looking back towards the door. In the fore ground is my router table, kinda based on Norm's version. In the front of this is my coarse adjustment lever for the router. Well, it is literally a lever which I can operate with one hand while holding the plunge release lever on the router; works well. This table will be scrapped and a new model made in the new work shop. Also on view is my collection of Jesada Bits. Yup, I was collecting prior to the colour change. To the left of the bench is a fret saw which I bought for the kids to use, lasted until the blade came off a couple of times; they haven't touched it since. Kinda loud and sudden when the blade comes off. Not one of Inca's better designs. Above is screw storage. I have a lot of those. Don't thinK I will need to order any more screws for some time.

sharpening station

Left hand rear of shop. My sharpening station. Not ideal, but kinda short on space in this shop, works okay'ish. The bottle on the first shelf is the outflow reciever for the wet stone on the grinder. Next to this is my radial arm saw. Kinda junked up as it has not been of use lately. One of those machines that gets used periodically, mainly for dado type jobs as it is the only legal machine to fit a dado head to in the UK.

~*** bandsaw

Final view of left rear of shop, here is a storage unit for my ~*** bandsaw and my 12" planer. I prefer to store these at this height as there is less strain on the back when moving them. Both get used on my table saw when needed. Also another view of the sharpening station. Oh, and my meager clamp collection at the back.

So that is more or less it aside from the table saw which for some reason I have not got a picture of. Mess, well it is a lot tidier than it was a week ago. I have mammoth redecoration in progress preparatory to selling this house and there is a lot of tip and run involved. One of the major drawbacks has been that I had an urgent project awaiting the work shop construction and haven't stopped since, aside from when my timber rack caused down time by injuring my back. So I never got around to building storage for my tools other than the rudimentary shelving mainly salvaged from one project or another. Hopefully the next work shop will be a more liesurely construct and commission.

As to security, to the rear of the work shop is another lawn area leading down to a stream, so unlikely to have visitors from that side as they would get wet. Due to addition of garages there is no free passage to the rear gardens from the road, and in my case all has to pass through the house to get to the rear garden, so it is pretty inaccessible. Pain when getting timber or sheet goods down there but there are plusses and minuses to all scenarios...

Hope you enjoyed that lengthy tour.

the table saw

Okay so here is the little bit I missed out, the center of the shop so to speak. My little table saw, I was forced to buy this as the sheet material I was using for the kitchen project would have needed all sorts of jigs on my old table saw, okay so it was a real good excuse to buy a new toy. Its an entry level panel saw, the sliding table isn't quite up to Felder standards but it works. It is pictured with the small arm/mitre fence( ??) attatched, the large arm is 4 feet long and due to space is only put on when needed. I have to remove the adjustment lever from the jointer to allow clearance for it.

saw, jointer and THE chair

You will probably notice that the router table has now gone, part of the decommisioning of the WS. Formally it was used as an extension table for the saw and the mitre fence was used with the router table, one advantage of this particular sliding table is that the fence can be positioned anywhere along its length. The new router table as and when I construct it will be bolted to the front of the saw. I am still amazed that I managed to take so many photos in the WS and miss the saw almost entirely. Yet again the dam chair has reappeared, I throw it out it sneaks back in, sigh.

Regards, Jon (from the UK)

Originally posted 30 June 2001

wb 1 July 2001