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A Tour of Jon P’s Shop
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It's now or never. I had wanted to do this for a while. I also had hoped I'd have pictures of it clean. This'll have to do.

table saw

Looking towards the lumber rack, to the left a bit, is my table saw. The router table is immediately behind with the mortiser on top. The router table is one I built from an old issue of Woodsmith. I modified that some years later to use a blue aluminum insert from Rockler to make bit changes a little easier by lifting the whole router out without unscrewing anything.

drill press

Turning to right a bit, you see the drill press with a small table on it. The sprayer I use is below. There's my planer next to it.


Turning right again, we see the DJ-20 and a metal cabinet above. That cabinet is from my parents' house when I was a kid. It's where a lot of the flammable stuff is kept.


Turning right again, this is my workbench. It's the one in Woodsmith #55. It's been great, but I'm feeling the need to make another one since I've learned I need additional ways to hold things. Maybe some hold-fasts, and other items mentioned in The Workbench Book. I didn't build the cabinet they did that goes between the legs. On mine, there's lumber stored under there. That provides a lot of extra weight that keeps things steady.

Also in the background is a seven drawer highboy built by my paternal grandfather. My dad says Grandpa built it mostly with hand tools. I never knew my grandpa, since he died a month or so before I was born. I also have his level. Some of my other tools are from my dad and my wife's uncle. All except my father have passed away, leaving me to put them to good use. I treasure them.

band saw

And we turn to the right again for one last shot. This is the remainder of my storage for lumber and adhesives. There's also a couple of small multiple drawer cabinets for screws and other small things. And there's a bandsaw. The bandsaw and the jointer are on roller stands since my shop is a little small.

Thanks for looking.

Regards, Jon

Originally posted 4 February 2003

revised wb 10 July 2012