Badger Pond Shop Tours
A Tour of John Blomstrom's Shop
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Quite a while back I said I would send in some pictures of my shop so here goes. I know the photograpy is not very good but you can at least get an idea of what the shop looks like.

Outside (summer) view of the shop

This is a picture of the shop looking from the deck off our back door. This was taken last summer (2000) so there is no snow. There sure is a lot of it now, however (March, 2001); there have been a few signs of spring coming and some of the stuff is starting to melt.

Table saw

This picture is taken from the front door looking across the old Craftsman table saw with a Delta Unifence etc.

Me in the shadows

This is the last one for now. You can see a little of the loft where I store all my lumber etc. That is me in the shadows. I did everyone a favor by hiding. By the way, the whole inside is tongue and groove knotty pine for that country look.

The shop is only 12' X 20'. It is insulated and has electric heat. I have a 100 amp service. It is wired for 220 just waiting for a new Powermatic or perhaps a Delta Unisaw. I more than likely will get a Unisaw but then who knows.

Thanks for viewing.


Originally posted 10 March 2001

wb 17 Jun 2001