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A Tour of Jim Young's Shop

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After two years of acquiring tools and tweaking the shop, this is what I've come up with. My shop is in the basement of the house, cool in the summer and comfy in the winter.

Long view East view

The first two pictures are taken from opposite ends for an overall view. Table saw is at the center of the shop with a 4'x8' table serving as a run off and assembly table.


My latest acquisition is the 20" Agazzani. They sure like putting a lot of stickers on that machine. Dust collection to the BS isn't finished yet.


Put up a few peg boards two weeks ago and sure helped organize the shop a little and get the patterns out of my way. My DJ-20 finally got wheels since it now has to be moved around. Dust collection pipe is visible here. Pipe clamp rack is shown with a couple of Besseys. I still have to make a rack for the Besseys since they are now in assorted corners of the shop.


The lathe set up doesn't quite suit me yet. I think I need a little more room on the back side. Every time I turn the inside of the bowl the back wall gets in the way. The big empty spot over the lathe is for the future turning tools' cabinet. Bought the lumber yesterday.


Some more peg boards. One of the future projects is to build another hanging cabinet to hang where the radio is now. Bought the cabinets at one of the local hardware boxes. I didn't want to spend the time making my own (I'm slooooow). Above the radio you can see my raw lumber porthole.


My lumber rack. It was made out of laminated 2x4's and just anchored at the top. You can just see the headboard made from bird's eye maple, SWMBO is making me redo it since she doesn't like the heartwood stripes.


Here is my sheet goods storage, another area that needs serious attention. The Jet planer gets moved around and has somehow found this psuedo home.

Drill press

Here is the drill press and the router table.

Router table

These are the close ups of the router table. All scrap lumber and this was my first real project. I used the "Router Magic" by Bill Hylton (one of my woodworking heroes). The legs are out of poplar and the doors out of red oak. A couple of pieces are from some other wood but I can't remember the name, might be hickory. It's not the best looking due to my skills but it sure works great and keeps my shop almost dust free.

Long view

There are two drawers for bits which are only a third full.

Router bit drawer

The drawer which was my first official try at dovetails. I used the Leigh jig. When cutting the pins and tails I had the pieces marked wrong and ended up having to assemble the parts inside out. No one can tell it's wrong.


Finally bought a big router to put in here since I needed to make some raised panels, the PC 690 didn't like the panel bit. Oh yeah, I found the door handles in our old house, they have oak inserts which match the table great.

Leigh jig

I mounted the Leigh jig between joists to get it out of the way. If you ever sneak a tool into the shop, hide it between the joists.

Pipe clamps

My pipe clamp rack; keeps those annoying pipes out of the corners and from falling.

Spring clamps

Spring clamps are simply clamped to a piece a wood strip attached to the joists.

Now you're asking yourself, "I see the DC pipes but no DC, where did he put that?"

Well kids, It's in the garage. I drilled a four inch hole through my header and ran a pipe through it. In the garage I built a cabin to keep the noise down. I can actually hear myself sing in the shop with the DC running. And no, this does not cause my pilot light to blow out nor does it suck out the warm air in the winter.

Enjoy the pics as I do yours.


Originally posted 13 June 2001

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