Badger Pond Shop Tours
A Tour of Jim Shaver's Shop

Name: Jim Shaver, Oakville,Ontario E Title: My Shop, Eh! (pics)

Good Day Friends,

I have enjoyed the shop tours that have been posted lately and thought, heck, let's do one of my Wood Working Shop! So I scammed the Digital Camera from work and here is my place.

General 350. O, Canada!

In the center of the 20x20 space is my general 350 table saw. I have it on a mobile base to move around to best use my space as my projects evolve.

Off to the back you can see the lathe and above it my electrical panel, ( 40 Amps, and locked out when I'm not there). Left of the panel is my shop made cabinets where I measured the door openings wrong ( I thought it was 22", it was really 24") and had to add 2" "Dust Spacers" to help enclose the cabinet.

Beneath the cabinet I have my pipe clamps and some stock wood. In front of the lathe I have an old blower motor from my parents home, it was part of the oil furnace, dates back to 1950. I have some visions of enclosing it in a sanding table.

Beside that is the 2-hp DC motor I purchased used with Bill Macdonald's Help. It's not connected yet although I have run it a number of times to test it out on my table saw. It certainly makes a thunderous sound!

Behind the table saw is my 13" Delta Planner, also mobile with a 2-hp driver. To the left of that is my General Bandsaw, also a 1-hp creature.

Left side of the shop

This picture is of the left side of the garage, My golf clubs are leaning against my router table. The big roll around tool case holds most of my mechanical tools as well as some WW stuff (Router bits, Push Sticks etc.) . Beside that is my 6" Deluxe 190 Delta Joiner.

Right side of the shop

This picture is of the right side of the shop, on my chop saw table is a Delta 12" CMS, my Delta Dedicated Morticer and my "Sold" 12 = Delta planner. I also have an 8" grinder and above it all is another Shop cabinet made from found odds and end. Above to the left is my Plane shelf. My Drill press is on a mobile mover right now till I finish a cabinet stand for it. It's also where I hang my Hockey Stuff to dry and so those are real pads and sticks!

Air cleaner

Above the table saw is positioned my air cleaner that I made from Woodsmith plans and is hooked into the same power source for the electric door opener. There is a half loft in the garage that we use to store garden and Lawn stuff and winter tires, eh!

My future plans are to get the "Toy Storage " located somewhere else in the house. I have plans to build a mobile worktable that will double as an out feed table and work bench / router table. I want to build mobile bases for the lathe and joiner. After all that I want to hook up a semi permanent DC Ducting system in the garage.

I hope you enjoyed the tour and It's my pleasure to show you how far I have come in two years as a wood worker!

Thanks again Chico (Message in a message! Your welcome, EEH?)

Take care, Jim

Originally posted 30 April 1999

wb 16 June 2001