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A Tour of Jim Eckert's Shop
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I just got my new shop in working order. I am only waiting on my dust collection sysyem (Pennstate should deliver soon!).

The shop includes mainly tools I have acquired in the last year including the Grizzly table saw & jointer and my Delta 2-speed planer.

Here's the tour....

table saw

My new baby is the Griz 1023SL - love the hum and love the cut (with Forrest WWII blade). If you look on the floor to the left of the saw is my new Delta planer. Fired that up for the first time this weekend and loved it!

I have a Ridgid air filter hung from ceiling - I can also move it around when doing other jobs.

miter saw

The Delta Miter saw is my oldest shop tool and that has paid for itself many times over even though I have only had it 2 years.


The jointer is the basic 6" Griz model - pain in the butt to assemble stand, but true right out of the carton. Although the funny part about that is you still have to check it, and that is almost as time consuming as making actual adjustments!

drill press

The drill press has been fun and the bench model has worked well for me. I just relocated it to this spot now that I added a dedicated outlet for it and its light. Under the drill press are my "in case" power tools: drills, Sawzall, biscuit joiner, and a few other. My router & table are stored in the next room over and brought in when needed.

general view of the shop

The last stop is my general work area - lots of my hand tools on the peg board and my small collection of clamps is visible.

The whole shop is 11' x 14' so I have the tools on mobile bases and just wheel the tool to the center of the room to work. I have gotten good at lining things up with the laundry room door to work on longer pieces; screws up dust containment, but that's life in a small basement shop.

The wood in the pictures will have a nice horizontal home as soon as I mount the brackets on the wall behind the table saw. That wood is being finished this week and cut up for a high chair project. My own design of a Prarie Style high chair. May be good, may be humorous, but I think my daughter will love me anyways!

Thanks for looking.

Originally posted 25 March 2002

wb 26 March 2002