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A Tour of Jennifer Shirley's Shop
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Here are some pictures of my shop. I'm having a hard time finding room or everything these days as it's just a 1 and 1/2 car garage. I think it's 19X21 if I remember correctly. Nothing like the palace Tom Skaggs built! Anyway thought you might find it interesting to see a "female" workshop.


Well not too long ago I finished building a new workbench out of 1/2 of a piece of $46.00 salvaged bowling alley. Here's how it turned out. I just used 4x4 pine for the legs, 2x4 for the cross members, a few carriage bolts, and some levelers on the feet (hey, we're not all perfect). I trimmed it out with some walnut I had. I'm pretty happy with the way it came out; it should last a lifetime. The vise was one I bought on sale for around $60. I'd love to have a tail vise on the bench someday. My next modification is to drill the bench dog holes. I have the round Veritas dogs. Hopefully I won't screw them up!

Saw and lathe

This is a picture of the opposite side from the bench. The cabinet under the lathe was bought at a garage sale for $7.00. It had a sink and nice brass fixture on it, too! It works great for the lathe stand. Just the right height, and lots of storage, too. I put dividers in the drawers to keep all my pen turning stuff handy. The stand the planer is on is hopefully just temporary (you know how that goes). It and the lathe are sitting on sink cutouts from the trash pile at a cabinet/counter top shop. They were free for the taking! I grabbed 6 of them. Some people call me cheap, I say I'm thrifty. And then of course on the wall is my stash of lumber. Obviously I can't make up my mind as to which method is best. Horizontal or vertical? When I figure it out I'll let you all know.

Planer (and a drill press?)

Here's one last view of my shop. See the little drill press wayyy in the back? It's got to go! I need something bigger.



Originally posted 9 June 1999

wb 16 June 2001