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A Tour of Jeff Waggoners Shop

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My shop is 21 × 27 with a stairwell out of it to a one bedroom apartment above which I have converted to my office. I started turning the garage into a wood shop about a year and a half ago. When I started it had one plug-in and two light bulbs. I have replaced both overhead doors with insulated doors, replaced the old fuse box with a breaker panel, and wired it for both 120V and 240V. I added a Jet 1½ HP dust collector and ran pipe to most of my machines.

The furnace and AC for my office is in the garage so it never gets too hot or too cold and when I need it I have a vent that I can open in the garage. I am still working on tool and wood storage and some shop furniture. I have a bathroom and kitchen upstairs in my office and I am thinking about making the bedroom a finishing room for things small enough to get up there.

My tools include…


…a Delta Unisaw…

router table

…with router built into the extension table…

drill press, band saw, hollow chisel mortiser

…Delta drill press, Delta band saw with a Kreg fence, a Powermatic hollow chisel mortiser…

planer, jointer

… a Powermatic 15" planer, a Delta DJ20 8" jointer…

compound miter saw

…a Dewalt compound miter saw…

mini lathe, grinder

…A Jet Mini lathe with extended bed next to an 8" bench grinder with a Wolverine jig…

slow speed wet sharpener, HVLP sprayer

…a Jet slow speed wet sharpener and an Earlex 5000 series HVLP spray station. The Earlex gets moved around, but I need to build a stand for the Jet so I can plumb the utility sink underneath it. I’m tired of having to run upstairs all the time.

work/assembly table

I have a convenient work/assembly table adjacent to the Uni but it’s uncharacteristically devoid of clutter for this picture.


…and what shop would be complete without a supply of lumber?

I’m getting there but I still have a long way to go.

Cheers, Jeff Waggoner

Posted 28 May 2011

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