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A Tour of Ed Davidson's Shop
Workshop With a Few Extras
A punching bag, and unicycle round out the tool list.

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the shop

Here are a few photos of my 900-square-foot basement shop. Along with the usual machines and tools, I have a couple accessories you don't find in every shop: a light bag and a unicycle.

the bag

I am a perfectionist woodworker who takes his frustrations out on the ol' light bag. My motto is, "Measure twice, cut once...or, if that doesn't work, give the bag a go."

the bike

The unicycle is also important. It's a challenge to master--especially while juggling or yo-yo-ing--and I have the bruises to prove it. My next task is to turn a deep bowl while riding the unicycle...gotta see that!

Ed Davidson

Posted 25 February 2003

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