Badger Pond Shop Tours
A Tour of Ed Bartchy's Shop
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After a few months of construction, the shop addition is done. There are a few minor things still to take care of but I moved the equipment from the inaccessible regions of the garage into the shop this weekend. My thanks to folks who gave good advice on lighting, electrical stuff, and how to resurface the rough concrete.

The general dimensions are about 20'x20' with 9' ceilings. It has one window, one pedestrian door, and one garage door (single bay overhead). Here are some pictures for posterity. And yeah, I am excited about getting back into it...

View into the shop

View from the garage door into the shop


Good saw/bad saw

Bandsaw, jointer

These 3 pictures pan the shop

Overhead door

Looking toward the garage door

Thanks for viewing.

Originally posted 20 November 2000

wb 16 June 2001