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A Tour of Dennis Peacock's Shop
Click on a small image to view a larger image has been a "long time coming" for me to post my shop tour. After seeing several other shop posts that weren't "as neat as a pin" and looked like you could "eat off the floor".....I decided to make my attempt at posting my shop tour.

I live on 3 acres of land between Conway and Vilonia, Arkansas. Our house is a single story brick rancher and my shop is situated slightly to the rear and right side of the house. The shop was already on the property when we purchased the house in May of 2000 and was a large deciding factor for us buying the house. The shop has a 100AMP service fed from the main house to a separate panel in the shop. I had to wire the shop for 110 and 220V in conduit and dust proof switches. Boy, that was fun...!

Here are two separate shots of the outside of the shop. It is 30 feet by 60 feet and insulated with natural gas heat.

isometric outside view of the shop

outside view of the shop

As you can tell, it is nothing fancy....but it is a great buiding for a hobbyist woodworker. :-)

finishing room (eventually)

As we walk in the entrance door, we see the kids "playroom" that I framed up inside the building. This will eventually become my finishing room and is a nice 12 feet by 22 feet.

kid's playroom

We then proceed towards the doorway that leads into the shop area.


We now walk through the doorway into the "hallway" that was formed by framing up the "playroom/finishing room and a small room of 7 feet by 22 feet that I will one day use for my tool room. This hallway has my air compressor and pegboard that holds a lot of my hand tools, screws and nails. And behind you is the bathroom. Boy, it sure is nice having a bathroom in the shop. The kids get to use it while they are outside playing.


As we proceed further down the "hallway" we enter the main shop area. The first tool we encounter is my dedicated Delta mortising machine and then own down the counter space is my DeWalt 12" compound miter saw. You will see an occasional "5 gallon bucket" scattered around the shop, this is where the roof leaks and I haven't found a way to stop the leaks without spending some major $$$$ to put a new roof on it. Buckets work fine for now. ;-)

drill press

As we venture on into the shop area and along that same wall space you will find my floor model Craftsman Drill Press, more peg board holding tools and various items as well as my bench grinder. In that same area is my 2 HP dust collector and my homemande roll around clamp cart. I like having my clamps close by when I am in the middle of a glueup. :-)

back wall

As we begin to look more to the right from the middle of the floor space is the back wall of the shop which is where my natural gas heater is located as wel as tons of shelving for LOTS of storage space. Of course my lawn tools and mowers share my shop they get a nice coat of sawdust each week and they have to be blown off before each use or the mowing could get a little bit on the "gritty" side on the legs and seat.

Jet table saw

Moving more to the right side of the shop you will find the first of two garage doors, my 2nd workbech that stays pretty much covered in "stuff" and my Jet left tilt cabinet saw JTAS-10XL with the Jointech Smart Miter, my primary work bench and the drawers for one of the chests of drawers that is work in progress.

'air conditioning'

Moving to the right side of the shop (again) you will see the 2nd of two garage doors, the carcass of the first chest of drawers, my saw horse style work bench to hold materials for the project currently being worked and then my only air conditioning I have in the shop...a 24" fan.

lumber storage

Now, looking almost right back where we entered the main shop area from the "hallway" is my lumber storage area, a free stereo that was given to me by a co-worker at work and the soon to be "tool room". Notice the lumber storage area also located on TOP of the framed up rooms? I have a LOT of room there for lumber storage.!!!

Laguna bandsaw

Looking more to the center of the shop area is my Laguna LT16SEC bandsaw and my homemade router table with an Incra Jig mounted to it and inside the router table I have a DeWalt 3HP variable speed router mounted under the table. The drawers in the router table hold what few router bits I have and some additional jigs. If you look way to the back and just under the mortising machine you will see my Porter Cable 24" OmniJig.

Robland X31 to the last item for the shop tour is my Robland X31 machine with three 3HP german motors, sliding table for the saw, shaper, 12" jointer / planer and a mortising attachment (removed). This has been a good machine "overall". It does take some time getting used to and changing tooling operations can be cumbersome at times....but I do like the space that it saves and the capabilities that it has out weighs its quirks.


......and last but not least is the final shot of the Peacock Shop Tour is my future tool room. This room is narrow (7 feet) but very long...22 feet. I also use this room for my sharpening room as you see that I have a Tormek sitting there on the bench. This room was previously used to build and store my radio controlled airplanes, but I have since gotten out of that hobby since I couldn't financially support two I picked the one that I would enjoy the most and would provide me with the greatest amount of enjoyment....woodworking!!!

Well....that is it for my shop tour. I hope you have enjoyed looking at what a disorganized shop I have and where I live after I get home from work when the heat in the shop is not too unbearable. Thank You for looking and taking my shop tour.

Dennis Peacock

Originally posted 25 June 2002

wb 27 June 2002