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A Tour of David Sophusson's Shop
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Well after having had a garage shop for over 30 years I was finally able to build a dedicated shop. Becky and I built this about 3 years ago (1999). It's a fully insulated pole building that measures 24x48'. I hired two guys to help set the poles, do the concrete work, and get the basic framing done. My parents came for a few weeks to help me finish it. I had certain criteria in mind for a shop so I contacted an architect to design it for me.

southwest view of the shop

Under the 24x24' loft is my 16x24' woodshop, the remaining area of the building is a clear span automotive area. I have pretty much all of the standard tools. Although my shop is still a work in progress, so pardon the mess, I like to refer to it as a gentleman's shop with real walls and everything.

southwest view of the shop

My entire east wall is taken up buy a Rockwell RAS with two eight-foot workbenches one on either side of the saw. A very old cast-iron scroll saw sits on the far left end of the left bench.

southwest view of the shop

On the north wall I have an 8" Rockwell TS and a matching 4" jointer mounted on the same rolling table with both machines running off the same motor. My dad bought this set up sometime in the early 1950's. The saw and jointer were used for building houses, cabinetry, and high quality furniture. After my dad passed away the saw was passed on to me and I have been using it for the last 35 years. I finally upgraded to a Jet contractors saw when I built the new shop.

southwest view of the shop

Along the west wall from left to right I have double doors that open to the main part of the building for getting large projects out of the shop. Then I have my Rockwell 12" lathe, 14" buffalo (as Tommy and Jennifer call it) BS, 15" Griz planner, and 9" Rockwell chop saw sitting on a rolling cabinet with fold up wings that I built. Now I can call this thing a chop saw because it's and 1964 model, I believe the first year they were ever made. Trust me there are no bells and whistles on this thing!

Along the south wall, which I don't have a pic of is my floor model DP and in front of the 5' window is my desk/assembly table. Sometime in the future I hope to build a cabinetmakers bench to replace the desk with.

In the center of the room I have my Jet TS and beside it is my 6" Sunhill jointer.

At the time these shots were taken I was working on a front entry door for my neighbors house. All of these shots were taken back in early '99 and some things have changed a little, like clamp racks and plane storage area. The shop walls and ceiling were a test for doing knock down texture before I did the house walls. I have 12 four-foot built in dual tube fluorescents that I framed in using trim made from scrap Doug Fir 2x4's. I also made the molding for the doors and window trim.

The shop is very well insulated and doesn't cost much to heat with baseboard electric. I have 120v outlets every 4 feet around the shop with 240v every 8 feet. I also have 4 air drops conveniently located around the shop that are connected to my 5hp 60 gal Devilbiss Pro 4000 compressor located out in the main shop area. I now have one of my 30 year old workbenches replaced with a new one that I built a couple of years ago. I'm hoping that I can replace the second one and also build a cabinet for the Jet TS with a built in router table.

Is it just me or does anyone else have a hard time finding time to build shop furniture once the shop is barely up and running? I do have a DC but I have yet to build the cyclone for it so for now I have to hook up each machine as necessary.

Becky wouldn't let me run the cable for the TV out to it unless I promised to be in the house by 7PM every night. She says all I would do is sit out there and watch TV and drink beer all night! Sheez, where do they get ideas like that? Could it be because I'm a fan of the old home brew? (Er, uh, "special dye stain" yeah that's it!)

Well thanks for looking and one of these days I'll try to up grade the pics as time allows. Anyway now all of you can understand why I get embarrassed during BBQ time when all you folks with wonderful shops show up! :-0


Originally posted (as a bio) 15 April 1999 but updated 19 June 2001

wb 19 June 2001