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I've been laboring away for over a year getting a new garage with attached shop built. It seemed like it would never get done and it hasn't! Just got the drywall up during Christmas break and have gotten excited now that it's starting to look like what I had in my head these last couple of years. Well, I knew that my fellow Ponders could tolerate my excitement and a few in-progress pictures so here goes:

Outside view of the shop

First the outside view. The double doors are my main shop entrance and will eventually look out on a fenced backyard/patio/flower garden.

South wall of the shop

This picture is taken from those double doors looking into the shop. The far wall is the south wall and the windows were kept high above my eyeline to allow light and ventilation but not allow looking into my neighbors yards. The ceilings are 9', the floor is plywood on 2x8 joist sitting on a concrete floor. In the floor if you look close there are 3 pipe chases running north to south connected by east/west pipe chases at each end of the shop. The south chases opens into the garage where my cyclone DC and compressor will live.

Panoramic view of the shop

The next shot is a pasted together shot showing the east wall of the shop (common wall with garage) or looking left as you step through the double doors. It shows the alcove where I will have my "office" area for a drawing board, phone, filing cabinets and overhead storage cabinets. Further south on that wall is the 5' wide opening into the garage. I'll be able to back the truck up to the door in the garage and off load the lumber and sheetgoods right into the shop.

North view of the shop

Next is a shot of the north end of the shop. You can see the double doors and the electrical panel (separate meter, 200 amp service). The shop is about 550 sq feet and the garage is about 500.


Last of the new shop shots is the attic where I have put the furnace/air filter. It is indeed a luxury that I allowed myself to have forced air heat but I combined the air filtration with it so as to justify it to myself. The coffin is my cold air return for the furnace. In it I have triple filtration coarse/medium/fine 24x24 filters. The specs for the filters came off the JDS/Delta/Jet models of the hang it in the shop type filters. Clears the air in less than 5 minutes.

Old shop 1

Now look at the old shop and you'll see why I am so anxious to move! The old shop in the basement of the house has served me well but with 7' ceilings (I'm 6'6" tall) and no room for assembly or more tools it was at its limit of usefullness. I could have lived with that but the 4 kids need some room in our little 2000 sq ft house and so we decided to get Dad out to a new shop and make the basement into a rec room.

Old shop 2

I have good electrical since I ran a sub-panel right up in the ceiling joist of the shop area, and the little Jet 650 dust collector hooked to 4" pipe has given me adequate dust collection. Getting the big iron out to the new shop will be a challenge but I'll manage.

Old shop 3

The Unisaw and the DJ-20 will be the tough ones! Disassembly will be required!!! Three different angles and the shots are taken with a wide angle lens so things look roomier than they are. I think I have about 250 to 300 sq feet down there but I have to share with storage and kids TV area!

One last insult to your eyes I now have a signature picture; sorry.


Mac from Speedway

(A pretty good likeness, and this boy is a big lad! ed.)

Originally posted 25 January 2002

wb 28 January 2002