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A Tour of David Hay's Shop
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Well, I finally got around to borrowing LOML's digital camera and took some pictures of my shop. Enjoy the tour!

outside view

My shop is a detached structure that is approximately 12ft x 24ft with a 12ft x 8ft loft at one end of the building. When we moved in, there wasn't much more than a shell. Over the following year, I ran electrical, insulated, and covered the walls in plywood and beadboard. It definitely kept me busy for a while! Here's the view as you approach the shop.


Here's the view as you enter the shop (yes, I cleaned up a bit before taking these pictures). You can see my workbench in the foreground, which is from Norm's plans (first season) except that I used box joints on the corners of the frame. It works pretty well, but I know that I'll replace it some day with a much heavier and massive bench. You can see a bit of my current project, a grill cart made of recycled redwood, behind the bench.

north wall

Still at the doorway, looking a bit to the left, you can see my shelf unit where I keep glue, fasteners, finishing supplies and other miscellaneous junk. In the background you can see the miter saw (more on that later) and my dust collection system (read: shop vac :-) The fish in the foreground is my Tune-a-Fish that provides some ambient music while I work. It sounds a bit fishy, but it was free and waterproof...which should make it pretty dust proof as well.

clamp rack

As you walk around the bench and look back towards the door, you get a better look at my junk shelves as well as my clamp rack. These are based loosely on some ideas I saw in an issue of Woodsmith. As you can see, I still need to make something for my lonely two Bessey clamps sitting on the floor.

tool cabinets

Turning to the left you can see where I keep most of the hand tools I use on a regular basis. The cabinets are leftover from various places in our house. They hold various jigs drill bits, router bits, and other miscellaneous stuff. Eventually I intend to replace these with some proper base cabinets (perhaps something like Norm's Workshop Hutch), as it would be nice to have some additional horizontal working space other than the floor.

lumber rack, miter saw, planer

Looking the opposite direction, you can see my miter saw, planer and lumber storage area. The miter saw cabinet is still incomplete. It sill needs a few drawers as well as flip up extension wings on both sides. The cart the planer sits on contains most of my hand held power tools: drills, router, circular saw, jig saw, and various sanders. The lumber rack is simply some shelf standards I got at Home Depot and screwed to the wall.


Off to the right you can see my Delta Contractors Saw. I've built a pretty large outfeed table for it. Eventually I'll laminate it and build some cabinets under it, but for now it's a simple MDF table wrapped in oak. The ladder in the back is one of those fancy expandable ladders. It came in quite handy while hanging all of the beadboard that you see everywhere. Plus it's the only way into the loft.


And a final shot from the opposite end of the shop. From here you can see the loft area. Right now it's pretty empty, but it's pretty much a storage area for stuff I don't use all that often. You can see a furnace fan that I salvaged from our old furnace when we replaced it recently. I intend for it to become part of a shop built air cleaner some day.

So that's my shop. It's quite a step up from the half of a garage I used to work in. I don't know how I would have fit all this stuff in there! It was a lot of work to get it into shape, but it was definitely worth it.

Work safely!

Originally posted 9 September 2002

wb 10 September 2002