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A Tour of Dave Walker's Shop
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I finally got a digital camera and took some pictures of my shop. I hope it is of interest to fellow Ponders.

outside view of the shop

As I mentioned in my bio, my shop is in a 40' x 120' metal building that we built and shares the building with storage and the horses. I did all of the work myself with occasional help from a friend for the heavy stuff. The building is divided into three sections: 40' x 60' for horse stalls, tack storage, hay and feed storage; 20' x 40' shop; and 40' x 40' for trailer, tractor, and junk storage. An exterior view is shown to the left. The white fence is a riding arena.


There are 14' roll up doors at either end of the building and three regular doors on the side. To the left is a picture of the horse area. You can see the hay storage and two 12' x 12' stalls. The rooms on the right are the tack room (14'x14' w/ double doors) and feed room (6' x 14' w/ single door). Not visible on the other side of the aisle way are three more 12' x 20' stalls. The double doors in the distance go into the shop.

behind the saw

To the left is a view of the shop itself looking from the door to the outside. The horse stalls would be through the wall on the left.

Occupying the center of the room is my table saw. It's a Ridgid TS2424 with the addition of an Incra TSIIIa fence, a router table with Woodpeckers PRL and PC 7518 in the right wing, an Excalibur blade guard, and an Exaktor 62" sliding table. The saw is situated so that I can cut a sheet of plywood in any orientation without hitting anything else. The outfeed table and Oak storage cabinet to the left it are the only thing I've built so far (other than the shop).

Also visible are a Ridgid 13" Planer, Bridgewood 6" jointer, a couple of workbenches and tool boxes, and some storage shelves. You can tell from the shelves that the shop is new since they aren't bursting with junk. My DC piping goes overhead to an Oneida 1.5HP cyclone on the other room. The wood workbench in the foreground is too small and I'll need to make a new one some day.

in front of the saw

The photo to the left is looking from the other direction from behind the saw. In the distance on the right you can see my DW708 miter saw on a portable table. The dust colection hood is removeable if I need to take the saw somewhere else. Also on that side is a Grizzly 17" drill press with a Woodpeckers table and fence. On the left is a Performax 16/32+, a Ridgid belt/spindle sander and a WMC 12" horozontal metal bandsaw.

Under the window on the back wall is my compressor, 50A plasma cutter, and 250A MIG welder. The metal table in front of the welder is a welding table that I built. The green lump on the table is an anvil for shaping horse shoes. On the left wall are wood/metal/pipe storage racks. Most of the wood on it now is leftovers from framing the shop plus some Oak.

left wall area

Here is a better shot of the left wall area.

the saw

To the left is a better shot of the table saw setup. I'm really happy with the way the components work. The storage cabinet also serves to level and support the outfeed table.

the disaster area

Finally, here is a view of storage room (also known as the "disaster area"). I haven't had time to clean it up yet. In the foreground is my tractor, a Kubota L3600. About 25% of the storage is implements for the thing. I have a front end loader, backhoe, rotary mower, hydraulic post hole auger (up to 24" holes), 3 different harrows, and a manure spreader). The tractor makes it really easy to move heavy stuff (like unloading tools from trucks!). I have some forklift forks that go on the bucket.

Behind the tractor is one of the horse trailers- a Sundowner with living quarters. We can go camping with the horses with this trailer. A bed, kitchen, shower, and TV for us and stalls for the horses. In the far distance you can see the door to the shop and the Oneida.

That's about it- our place in the sticks. I hope everyone found it interesting. Now that the shop is done I'm putting in a boarding stable and second riding arena for my wife. Then she would like me to make a set of storage cabinets for the pantry and a new vanity for the master bath. Enough to keep me busy for a while.


P.S. I've just picked up my new horse to train. He's a paint that will be 2 in May. And, believe it or not, his registered name is "Badger Rain" (son of Sugar Rain and Hatties Badger).

Originally posted 20 March 0202

wb 20 March 2002