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A Tour of Dave Smith's Shop
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Welcome to Wood n Mess, Dave's shop.

The new addition is insulated 2x6 walls and R38 in ceiling. I use a small space heater to keep above 60 deg. When I am working in the shop there is more than enough heat from the dust collector and tools to keep the shop the shop warm. I also keep a dehumidifier running on all the time. This has aided with water based finishing and keeping every thing dry.

Table saw

Jet 10" table saw and 14" band saw.

Fit up table

View of shop from door to utility room. Fit up table on lower right with folding paint spray booth on top next to wall. Green air cleaner that has been temporarily sitting there for 2 years. Wood storage on wall. Kreg pocket hole jig sitting on wood above spray booth. Dubby cutoff jig on table saw.

The organized part

The best organized part of my shop; clamps, squares and measuring sticks. From left drillpress table, plastic parts drawers, old kitchen cabinet, RBI 20" scroll saw, home made vertical sander and drawers, router table.

View from double doors

View from double doors. Left far corner has pool pump under shelf with Performax sander on top. The cabinet on the floor in the middle of the far wall has four full extension drawers 24" deed x 49" wide. I designed this cabinet for holding items during painting both before and after finishing. This has been one of the best things I have built for my shop. I don't think there is any thing in the shop that has been finished. In my shop I build things to use not view. Clothes rack on the back of the door because it is the only place that is always clear.

Wood rack

One of two ventilating sky lights. One above table saw and one above fit up table. Outlets in the ceiling for lights and anything else. Wood rack is five 2x2 fir strips spaced every 32" and fastened to the wall with lag screws. One inch dowels have a one inch long kerf in the end that is inserted in the rack to allow easier removal. Holes are drilled 6 inches apart with a ten degree up angle. I rarely stack anything higher than 5 inches. I can put 12' or longer boards on the rack. With the height limit, the number of boards that need to be moved is limited. Which is good because the one you need is always on the bottom. I try to keep like boards together.

Dust collector

The Penn State dust collector sits on a shelf to increase space utilization and to allow for big chunk collection.

DC inlet legs

On both 4" inlet legs there is a sanitary tee installed backwards with a dead leg attached. I tried this on one side and it was so effective that I installed a 20 cubic foot fiber barrel under the other leg which services the table saw and thickness sander.

I might have been breathing that!

The material collected during one week is shown in the picture. The dead leg shown in the picture was almost half full when I emptied it for this photo. The chunks of wood were sucked up when I was vacuuming around the band saw. The dust is probably from the band saw, sander and scroll saw. The pile of shaving in the back are from the router table. The dead legs don't remove every thing but I don't hear any thing hit the impeller and I do vacuum up large pieces from time to time. This will have to do until I can get a cyclone separator.

Outside view of the shop

Outside view of shop. Six foot wide double doors for moving large items in and out. The wall is framed for a single car garage. I did this for resale value. There might be someone who would want a third garage stall instead of a shop.

Dave Smith

Originally posted 13 April 1999

wb 20 June 2001