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The Dave Cave

I've decided to try something a little different in shop tours. A regular comment to other people's shop tours is "it's so clean!" Here's my contribution to the state of the art in shop tours. These pictures were taken with absolutely no cleanup ahead of time. Fair warning, these are not for the faint of heart! ;-)

These pictures are taken walking in a general circle around the shop, except for the tablesaw picture.

north wall of the shop

This is the North wall. The biggest challenge in my shop is wood storage. More on this later.

farther back

Looking a little farther back, chemicals shelf, drill press, and the Green Monster, a 2 1/2 ton air conditioner that cost me nothing due to the extreme kindness of a friend.

east wall of the shop

This is the East wall. Drill press, scroll saw. There's a Performax 1632plus in the right lower corner. Leaning against the scroll saw is my trusty-dusty Leigh D4.

The battalion of Mason jars on the shelf behind the drill press head hold dyes.

Behind some leaning ply goods is a little workbench where the Jet mini-lathe usually lives. Waaay in the back you can just spy the corner of the shop sink.

south wall of the shop

Here's where things get really hairy. Somewhere back there is a junky workbench. "Junkiness covered by junk" is the theme of the South wall. It's hard to believe from this photo, but there is walking room there.

ghost project

With luck, the far end of this picture will get better soon. This is "garage" type storage, and we are close to getting a shed for the backyard for it. :-)

The item imitating a large pointy-headed ghost is a corner shelf that isn't ready for public viewing yet. Stay tuned for pictures of a piece that is going to be kinda pretty, I think.

There's a Jet 13" Planer/Molder hiding behind a grove of K clamp bars. When the ghost isn't in the way, using the planer is just a matter of rolling it out to about the middle of the back of the tablesaw.

table saw

Last but not least, a slightly upgraded Ridgid TS2424 here. Changes made include the Excalibur overhead blade cover, Incra TSIII fence, Woodpeckers router extension table, Incra Miter gauge (now called the 2000), aluminum and oak zero clearance insert (like Norm uses, I'm told :-)). That's a Systimatic crosscut blade mounted at the height I customarily use it.

The one major machine that didn't make it into a picture is the jointer. You can just barely see the top of it's fence at the bottom of this picture. It sits part way under the left extension wing of the tablesaw.

In the lower right of this picture is a cabinet I mentioned here once. It has 10 very shallow drawers, used for tablesaw and router table accessories. The varying colors of the drawer faces are due to it being used as a finishing experiment. The goal was to see what finish kept Purpleheart the "purplest". The winner, actually, is no finish at all, that's what the two lighter faces are.

shop stereo cabinet

For Christmas 2000, my wife and daughter got me a new shop stereo, with CD and everything. I couldn't just leave it on an open shelf like the last one, so I built it this cabinet. Top doors cover paper towels and bandaids and stuff. Doors are White Oak, the panels are made from one board with sapwood streak. Frames are Sassafrass (fun, smells like Root Beer when you work it), and the carcase is B4 Birch plywood. Picture #3 showed the side of this cabinet, I think the lower grade veneer has a lot of character.

I keep thinking I should make a nicer paper towel holder for it, but that one does the job. Shop sink is just out of view under this.

chisel hanger

This picture shows a little chisel hanger I made. I enjoy making small, quick (relatively) things like this.

For those who have seen my "Lacewood Finishing" web page (available in Member's Websites), there are the original pieces for the page. They are splined together, I'll make a frame for them some day and hang them as art.

wood storage

I mentioned earlier that wood storage is my biggest problem. Here's a major reason why. This is my failed attempt at a lumber table. To put it briefly, it doesn't work. My slow plan is to move everything off the wall behind it, and build a conventional lumber rack there. In the meantime, lumber gets stowed everywhere. My only rule is that good wood never sets directly on the concrete floor, everything is held off by scraps, or is held up by something else.

At the top center of this picture is a little holder I made for sawn veneers.


Eighteen inch wide Mahogany, over half figured. Imagine how good it will look when finished. Pine board on the right is about 18" also.


Fanciest piece of Lacewood I've yet seen. Had to have it, even though working Lacewood makes me sneeze.

Thanks for taking my tour, and for not laughing so loud I could hear you from here. ;-)

Regards, Dave

Originally posted 1 January 2002

wb 1 January 2002