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A Tour of Dan Brock's Shop
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power tool area of the shop

This part of the shop is 16x22 and is the area where most of the power equipment lives. For the most part this is all the room that I need and handles 75% of the projects that I work on.


This is what I call the nerve center of the shop, I smile every time I turn on my Unisaw and donít know what I would do without it. As you can tell Iím kind of a Delta guy. Every power tool that I have purchased Iíve tried to study whatís out there and buy the absolute best that I can afford. Delta is just where I usually end up.

router table

This is my router table, it really gets a workout and is powered by a Porter Cable 7518.

radial arm saw

This is my sears radial arm saw, this was the first power tool I purchased. I paid $150 for it, a friend had bought it to use while putting vinyl siding on his house and got tired of tripping over it. Also my Delta 6Ē jointer. Iím about an inch away from buying a DJ-20, Iíll have to rearrange some things to make room when that happens.


This planer gets a work out too, the sled comes in very handy. I buy all of my wood in the rough from a local mill so every inch of every board goes thru this at some time. All of the benches are the same height, that helps when handling sheet good by myself.

assembly table

This is my assembly table I recently completed, its rock solid, flat and very heavy.

drill press

This drill press table rolls out of the way if I need to lower the work surface. I only have to move it about 10% of the time that I use the drill press.

storage area

This is where my dust collector and mortising machine lives. This area is 12x22 and serves as an assembly area for larger projects. I also use this area for a staging area when I bring in wood for a project.

assembly area

This is the assembly area in use.

The shop is heated and air conditioned so I can get out there year around if I want to. I spend as much time out there as time allows and enjoy every minute. All in all the shop size is perfect for what I do. I have a 24x36 detached garage that I can move into if need be, but I donít need that much room for now.

I hope you enjoyed the tour. I always like to see others' shops so thought Iíd share mine.

Regards, Dan

Originally posted 31 December 2001

wb 31 December 2001