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A Tour of Dale Sherman's Shop

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This is the 1880s timberframe barn I'm converting to shop space. It used to be a dance hall and gin mill 50 years ago. It doesn't look like much yet, but the structural work and roof have been done. Now all I have to do is side it, wire it, insulate it, refinish the floor, sheetrock it, paint it, and move in.

Where's the car on cement blocks?

The first picture is what we saw the first time we came upon it. Note the crooked roofline from rotted wood foundation.

Structure fixed

This picture was taken after the structural work and roof work were done. The overall size is 25' x 52' with a 10' ceiling.

Swing your partner

This is the inside of the barn as we bought it. It has a hardwood maple floor and a stage for the band. I've removed the falling false ceiling and put in a second floor. The 7' Delta lathe will be over in the far left corner, Bill.

Somewhere in there is a saw

This was supposed to end up as a sunroom, but it had heat unlike the cinderblock ex-garage. Where would you work when it was 20 below?


There's an Atlas lathe just out of site on the left. Believe it or not, I can still run an 8' board through the planer.


I have a 36" bandsaw out of site on the left. There is also a turn of the century combo WW machine under all that stuff on the left.

I haven't been able to do much of anything since my late brother's and late father's stuff was moved into my shop. Mostly small stuff but a lot of it. Of course, some (a lot?) of the clutter is my own. My siblings are scattered so it's taking awhile to disseminate things. In the meantime, I'm focusing on getting my 25' x 52' 1860s barn converted to shop space. It'll be a long project. These pics show why I'm anxious to get moved. KC still beats me on sawdust depth, though…

Originally posted 26 September 2000

wb 17 June 2001

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