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A Tour of Burl Mccann's Shop

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I'm 47 years old, I live in the Northwest, and work full time in a pulp and paper mill. I do woodworking as a hobby and some might say it has gotten out of hand. I do a lot of work for a couple of taxidermists in the area. Mostly I make bases for them, from hexagon and octagon sided pedestals for smaller animals to large bases for big horn sheep—even grizzly bear. I also do round top raised panel trunks, or whatever someone can dream up.

I am self taught, with the help of Fine Woodworking magazine, and have been at this for around twelve years. Other than fishing, woodworking is what I live for. My shop is too small for me, so there are a lot of tools on wheels. It's 17' x 40' with a 100,000 BTU gas heater for the cold Northwest. It's also air conditioned for the hot summer.

left side of shop

This is a view down the left side of the shop…

right side of shop

…and this favors the right side. You can see why, even with nearly 700 ft², I am somewhat constrained for space.


This is a closeup of my lumber storage. I have taken down five black walnut trees, some of which you can see in the loft, and a lot more is in the basement of my house.

My collection of tools includes:

General table saw

General 10" table saw.


General 20" variable speed lathe and duplicator. You can also see a Delta B.O.S.S. oscillating spindle sander to the right.


Above the lathe is my clamp collection.

jointer, planer

General 8" jointer and a twenty year old Parks 12" planer.

Walker-Turner bandsaw

Old 16" Walker-Turner band saw with a new 3 hp motor.

drum sander

General International 24" double drum sander.

belt sander

Jet 6" belt sander.


All that sanding power makes my Penn state dust collector with remote a necessity.

mortiser, shaper

General International hollow chisel mortiser and an old Delta shaper.

Power King bandsaw

Power King 12" band saw, and an old Delta drill press.

chop saw

Dewalt scroll saw.

work bench

My home made work bench…

table saw outfeed

…also serves as an out feed table for the table saw, and it's on wheels.

tool chest

I also made my own tool chest…

router table

…and the router table.

I don't know how the wife puts up with it.

Regards, Burl

Posted 23 December 2004

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