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A Tour of Brian MacDonald's Shop

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I was hoping to get some more pictures of changes to the shop since it was completed, but as the Pond is closing and I'm in remote Alaska until March (2003), I figured that I'd post what I have.

hinged doors

I purchased the building as a kit from Country Carpenters in Connecticut. It's a post and beam New England style barn, 28x30 with a 10' leanto.

sliding doors

The shop has 8' sliding doors on both ends of the leanto to allow a drive through.


This is a shot of the interior, showing the post and beam construction. In the upper right, you can just see into the loft. Hopefully this will be plenty of storage. These were taken just before Christmas and I've since installed power, sixteen 8' HO flourescent lights and moved most of my tools inside. Sorry I don't have more complete pictures to show.

Thanks for looking!

Originally posted 8 February 2003

wb 8 February 2003

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