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A Tour of Bob Chapman's Shop

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I finally got some pictures which show my shop. As you will see, it is functional, not pretty. I work in the basement of my home, which fortunately has a walk-in basement at the back, and about a nine foot ceiling: enough that I can rotate a sheet of ply, as long as one end goes between the joists of the floor above!

Table saw

My shop is about 20 x 40 feet. This is a picture of the Delta cabinet saw (15+ years old) with a Biesemeyer fence, 84" right of the blade. One of the distractions in this space is the brick pillar in the background—I'm able to pass ply sheets in spite of that, but there's not a lot of extra clearance. A recent addition is the air cleaner hanging from the ceiling. The TS is on casters so that I can roll it farther away from the wall that limits in-feed length.

The wooden frame hanging down from the ceiling is supposed to hold the overhead blade guard, but that project has never been completed (along with several others!). As you may notice, I didn't make any false pretenses of cleaning up before inviting you in!

Big jointer

Moving around the room, here's a picture of the 12" jointer-planer, the assembly bench behind it, the Delta shaper to the right with feeder, and horizontal mortiser (the Laguna device that uses a router for power). Clamps are stored on the wall.

Rockwell drill press

Continuing around, here's the Rockwell drill press, router table from Woodpeckers, and the NRA Bandsaw (Italian product).

Woodmaster sander

Next is the Woodmaster Sander and the DC that's dedicated to it. The sander has been a real boon to me, particularly in doing the birdseye panels for the kitchen—I was getting way too much chip out on the JP.

Craftsman tool chest

I store a lot of my tools in Craftsman roll-around tool chests. They're real sturdy, and you can get a lot of stuff into them at a reasonable price. I also hang a lot of my tools on boards around the shop. As you can see, pipe wrenches and other messy tools share space in the woodshop! Against the wall is a small grinder for sharpening rough tools.

Scroll saw

Closing the circle, here's one of the dehumidifiers (two in total) which keep rust at bay in the summer months, as well as my scrollsaw. Missing from the picture are two in-feed tables (four-leg tables with adjusters on the feet) which normally sit in the big open space. Right now, they are doing the same function for a temporary TS that's in the garage until that new garage is complete.

That's all Folks! Bob

Originally posted 26 September 2000

wb 16 June 2001

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