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A Tour of Bob Borner's Shop

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An important aspect of life is planning for retirement, including financial and lifestyle elements. While I'm hoping my 401Ks and other retirement programs supply the financial end, I've been working toward setting up a woodworking shop that will supply a rewarding haven from the daily grind of the office.


In 2001, it became a reality when the addition of the new woodworking shop was completed. The shop, which is attached to my garage, includes a tri-fold screen outside the overhead door.

Drum and Belt Sanding Stations

As always, it's not big enough, so I store my wood and do my finishing in the garage. I'm slowly replacing all of my benchtop tools with larger stationary equipment. I have learned repeatedly that you get what you pay for!

Southwest View

Southwest view of the shop.

West View

West view of the shop.

Oak Cabinets

My retirement goal is to build custom furniture and cabinets. The oak cabinets were part of the remodel I did of an early 1900s home. It was a special challenge because not many of the walls were plumb, so the cabinets and counter top had to be made accordingly.

Sleigh Bed

This sleigh bed is an example of the customized furniture I build. Since I couldn't find a plan, I had to work from scratch and create my own. We gave the bed to my son for a wedding present.

Bob Borner

Posted 24 February 2003

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