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A Tour of Bill Stevens' Shop

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Hi, I'm Bill Stevens and I have been into wood working for about 30 years. This has been the shop that I work out of and love to be in. The shop measures only 14' x 22' and like any other wood worker would tell you, “it's never enough space.” Someday I hope to move so I can have a lot bigger shop.

front view

A view of the shop from the front. The dimensions are roughly equivalent to a one car garage. Night time shot…

back right

Inside the shop—the back-right as you stand in the door.

back left

Same perspective, but the left side, instead.

front corner

This is the front corner, looking toward the doors shown in the first pic..

front corner

And the other front corner. Also visible is my drill press which doesn't get a separate picture.

overhead storage

Here is the overhead storage I have available for tool cases, etc..

table saw

My table saw. Basic Sears tool which I've tricked out quite a bit.

radial arm saw

And my radial arm saw. This is the electronic version Sears sold.


A jointer adds to the lumber prep tools, and the dust collector takes the detritus away.

band saw

A bandsaw rounds out the floor tools.

miter saw

I guess an argument could be made that a miter saw is a floor tool…

tool wall

I have my hand tools and saw accessories organized here.

fastener and jig storage

My jigs and fasteners are organized here.


You can never have too many clamps. I certainly don't!

miscellaneous stuff

Miscellany rounds out the tour.

Posted 9 September 2007

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