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A Tour of Basil Bailey's Shop

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Here are some pictures of the place I go to relax, saw logs and store some of the wood I have.

Eat Your Heart Out, Lee!

I started to label the stacks but decided I didn't want to give Lee Grindinger too much help if he comes to visit one night! (ha, ha)

Basil Bailey's Back 40

The back 40.

The out buildings

The out buildings.

The Wood Shed

Stickered wood.

The Executive Facilities…

Heeeeere's Johnny!

This project has given me the most fun of any project ever. I built two of these outhouses a few years back when I was testing outside finishes and UV screen. It is made of cedar slabs with treated wood floor and seat. It is fully functional but has never been used.

Johnny Again!

I had this thing in my front yard for laughs but had to move it to the farm. People would slam on the brakes and stop in the middle of the highway. They would just sit there and stare at it. I was afraid I'd cause an accident so I moved it. The view behind the outhouse is out behind my shop.

Basil Bailey

Posted 26 February 2003

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